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Where can I buy parts for my bulletproof car?

  If you're looking to buy parts for your bulletproof car, Armormax® is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of armored vehicle parts and accessories. They .....

Mar 16 1 Min read

Do you sell used armored Ford trucks?

Yes! We sell used armored Ford trucks and sometimes it is better to armor your existing version than upgrade to a new version. Don’t buy .....

Jan 28 1 Min read

Where is bulletproof glass made?

Armormax® has different facilities where the bulletproof glass is manufactured. The custom made bulletproof glass that is optically advanced, highly resistant, and transparent, which is .....

Jun 15 1 Min read

What is ballistic steel?

Okay, so you've heard about ballistic steel, but what exactly is it? Well, it's a special kind of steel that's super tough and can handle .....

Jun 15 1 Min read

Can I rent my armored car?

Yes, in certain countries we provide armored car rentals. Through the representatives of Armormax®, you can easily rent out your armor vehicle for a specific .....

Jun 15 1 Min read

How thick is armor plating?

The thickness of armor plating used by Armormax® starts at 2mm and goes all the way up to 22mm on the armor. While the Armormax® .....

Jun 15 1 Min read

Is bulletproof glass legal to install?

Yes, the installation of bulletproof glass in private cars is entirely legal, and anyone can install bulletproof glass for protection in their vehicle (we recommend .....

Jun 12 2 Min read

How do bomb blankets work?

This piece of protecting equipment is designed to mitigate blast detonations to minimize the risk of secondary fragmentation by the improvised explosive device (IED). Bomb .....

Apr 20 1 Min read

Can I buy Armormax® ballistic shields for my police department?

Yes, it is the best you can do for the protection of law enforcement or a group with the perceived threat. This ballistic shield by .....

Apr 20 1 Min read

Are Humvees or Hummers armored?

Not all of them. The HMMWV was designed primarily for personnel and light cargo transport behind front lines, not as a front line fighting vehicle. .....

Apr 14 1 Min read

What is the Armormax®️ material?

The Armormax®️ material is a multi-laminate of synthetic fibers sealed with thermo-plastic coating.  Developed in 1993 as well as improved upon throughout the years, by .....

Apr 12 1 Min read

How much does a bulletproof windshield cost?

Pricing will vary based on the type of windshield and protection level. You can expect to pay anywhere from $4,000 to $18,000 with shipping for .....

Apr 12 1 Min read

How is Armormax® different from Kevlar?

Our company does not use Kevlar. We have designed and implemented our own armor that is not only stronger than Kevlar but more suited for .....

Apr 12 1 Min read

Can you roll down bulletproof windows?

Yes - see also, can armored car windows go up and down? Can my bulletproof car have operable windows? We have several specialized motors depending .....

Apr 12 1 Min read

Can I buy bullet proof glass for my car?

If you're considering enhancing the security of your car, you might be wondering if it's possible to buy bulletproof glass. Bulletproof glass is designed to .....

Apr 11 2 Min read

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