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What are the armoring standards?

B4, B5, B6, B7 Armoring

When it comes to making cars safer, there are certain standards that armored car manufacturers follow. These standards help ensure that the armored vehicles provide the protection they promise. Let’s break down some of these standards in easy-to-understand terms.

The Standards

Numerous international organizations have developed armoring standards – – defeat levels and testing procedures. In the USA for instance, the standards were developed by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), a procurement arm of the US government (see below).

In Europe, the European Union developed its standard, called CEN, which is the B-Level standard. Other countries too have developed their own standards. International Armoring Corporation®  and Armormax® generally adhere to the European Union’s standard because it is more specific to the requirements of armored passenger vehicles. Over the years more and more people are associating the NIJ standards with body armor while the B-ratings can be applied to vehicle protection.

Armored Vehicle Animagraff


One important standard is called the Ballistic Protection Level. This measures how well the armored car can withstand gunfire. It’s like giving the car a grade based on how tough it is against bullets. The higher the level, the better the protection.

Then there’s the Armor Thickness. This is exactly what it sounds like – how thick the armor on the car is. Just like a thicker jacket can protect you better from the cold, thicker armor can protect you better from bullets and explosions.

By following these standards, armored car manufacturers can make sure that their vehicles provide the best possible protection for those inside. Whether it’s diplomats traveling through risky areas or celebrities concerned about their safety, these standards ensure that armored cars offer the peace of mind and security people need in dangerous situations.



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The BR4 (or B4 level) is the ballistic rating 4 (see the European chart here) which protects against high-powered handguns such as a .44 magnum or .357 or 9mm.

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