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Protection Levels (5 articles)

What does ballistic mean?

When it comes to armored vehicles and personal protection, you may come across the term "ballistic." But what does it actually mean? In this blog .....

May 28 2 Min read

How are the armoring levels for a vehicle best explained?

In a world where safety is paramount, Armormax® stands as a beacon of innovation, dedicated to safeguarding the passenger compartment of your vehicle. We specialize .....

May 26 2 Min read

What are the armoring standards?

When it comes to making cars safer, there are certain standards that armored car manufacturers follow. These standards help ensure that the armored vehicles provide .....

Apr 14 1 Min read

How do Armormax vehicles perform in the event of a car accident?

Armored vehicles are renowned for their advanced security features, protecting occupants against external threats like bullets and explosions. But what happens in the unfortunate event .....

Apr 14 2 Min read

How can I determine what level of armoring I need?

Armor levels are determined by each individual’s perceived threat and location of the vehicle's use. The level shows the amount of security provided by a .....

Apr 12 2 Min read

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