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Can any vehicle be armored?

Yes.  Some vehicles, however, are more conducive to be armored than others. We have a portfolio of vehicles (see here) but can apply our armoring technology to almost any vehicle brand. Armormax® has patterns on over 80 different makes and models (from Range Rover to Tesla to Cadillac).

While armoring can be applied to most vehicles, there are some limitations and important considerations to keep in mind:

Factors limiting wide application:

  • Structural integrity: Not all vehicles have the structural integrity to safely handle the significant weight and stress added by armoring. Lighter vehicles with weaker frames may not be suitable candidates due to potential safety concerns.
  • Space constraints: Some vehicles, especially smaller ones, may not have enough space to accommodate the additional bulk of armoring materials without compromising essential functionalities or passenger comfort.
  • Modification complexities: Depending on the vehicle design, integrating armoring might require extensive modifications that could be technically challenging or impractical.
  • Cost-effectiveness: For some vehicles, the cost of armoring might outweigh the vehicle’s value, making the investment impractical.

However, within these limitations, a wide range of vehicles can be successfully armored:

  • Sedans and SUVs: These are popular platforms for civilian armored vehicles due to their size, comfort, and readily available aftermarket support for armoring.
  • Luxury vehicles: These are often chosen for their inherently strong structures and spacious interiors, making them suitable for extensive armoring.
  • Trucks: While less common, specific truck models with robust frames can be armored for various purposes like cash-in-transit or personal protection.
  • Vans: These can be armored for various applications, including transporting valuables, personnel, or equipment.

Before deciding to armor a specific vehicle, it’s crucial to consult with experienced armoring companies like Armormax. They can assess the feasibility of the project based on the chosen vehicle, your desired protection level, and budget. They can also advise on any potential challenges or limitations specific to your vehicle and ensure the final product meets safety and legal regulations.

Armored Mercedes S 560 by Armormax

Fleet of Bulletproof Cars at Armormax Headquarter


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