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Armored Vans for Sale

Contact us for a discussion about which armoring options are best for your armored van.

An armored van can be a great utility vehicle from transporting cargo to shipping good across country. Armormax® takes existing vans from the Mercedes Sprinter to the Ford E 350 Van and upgrades the van with the desired armoring specifications. The bulletproof van package is a common vehicle to convert and upgrade. Your armored truck will vary greatly in size, power, and configuration but our technology can be adapted to fit any van that you want to be armored.

Armored Vans

Van Bulletproof Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van

The International Armoring Corporation armored Mercedes Sprinter Van comes with a redesigned cockpit, class-leading space for up to 12 adults, head and elbow room, and ultimate peace of mind with Armormax armoring technology The...

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Van Bulletproof Chevrolet Express

Looking to carry a large number of passengers or have additional cargo space to secure your valuables A full size van such as the Chevrolet Express is a great choice and easily upgraded with various armoring components, The...

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Van Bulletproof Ford E-Tourneo / Transit Cargo Van

Since 1965 Ford has been making vans for commercial use and in the last two decades, Armormax® has been making it better as a lightweight security or CIT option for individuals and businesses wanting to transfer cargo safely...

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Van Bulletproof Conversion Mercedes Sprinter Van Executive Vehicle

The preservation of human life is the ultimate value, a pillar of ethics and the foundation of all morality This held true in most cultures and societies throughout history Blending the life-saving technology of Armormax® and...

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Van Bulletproof Dodge Promaster Van

The armored Dodge Promaster is a working van that offers great utility and storage to serve a variety of purposes You can armor your van with Armormax® in the passenger or cargo version The bulletproof version can be...

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Van Bulletproof Buses

The reason why companies and religious groups need armored buses and bulletproof vans is because they can protect large groups of people at a great value While traveling through dangerous regions there are few better options to...

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Van Bulletproof Toyota HiAce

International Armoring offers the armored Toyota HiAce crew as a cash-in-transit (CIT) van and a reduced 12-seat version of the commuter bus that can be driven on a standard licence Toyota HiAce, has received a significant...

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Van Bulletproof Mercedes Benz V-Class

The latest armored Mercedes V-Class is the biggest people carriers from Mercedes-Benz and is a popular choice in right-hand drive countries to shutting individuals In America, it’s sold as the Mercedes Metris The armored...

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Van Bulletproof Ford CIT Van

The armored Ford Cash in Transit (CIT) van is a flexible transportation vehicle; completely able to adjust to any circumstance you may require Whether you want to protect precious cargo or multiple people, the bulletproof Ford...

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