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Armored Car Selling: Quick Tips for Selling Your Armored Car

March 31, 2020 5 Min read

Any form of vehicle can be considered an investment – especially considering the many perks it can bring its owners. Having a car means no longer having to suffer the daily commute, or no longer having to deal with traffic.

For both families and professionals, this means being able to go virtually anywhere, at your own convenience, with a handy space for your belongings. And for those who want the added perk of safety, you can definitely have it customized to include various forms of protection. Who wouldn’t want to own a car – much more, an armored car?

If you’re in the business of selling armored cars, you’ll likely mention any of the above as “perks” your clients can get when they purchase an armored vehicle from your dealership. Here are tips car sellers can use to sell their cars quickly and encourage more clients to buy armored cars from their store:

Get the right documents sorted out to sell your armored car.

Like other vehicle sales, you need to make sure you have the right documents sorted out before you proceed to sell your vehicle. This is especially more so if you’re dealing with an armored car, as you want to check whether your car needs special certification or licensure to ensure the modifications you’ve made to make it armored are actually legal in certain states, or if there are special measures you have to do to make it something you can sell.

In speaking of sorting documents, make sure you get documents ready if you’ve ever had this vehicle maintained or repaired at some point. This lets your buyers know the extent of repairs and maintenance done to the vehicle, and this helps them plan just what other modifications they may need to add.

Aside from the above, including documentation such as registration, receipts, and even warranties. This helps you assess not just the current state of the vehicle, but its price, how high or low you’ll be letting the price become, and what other adjustments your buyers may need to do.

Identify your audiences

Identify your prospective audiences and look for interested buyers in social media pages, online forums, and even exchanges.

Regardless of whether or not you’re selling vehicles as a dealer or as a private owner, you’ve got the best chances of finding a buyer if you know exactly who you want to sell your vehicle to.

The more general your choice of customers, the larger your scope but the longer it might take to find them. Meanwhile, more specific audiences may be harder to find, but easier to negotiate with as they’re familiar with what you want to sell. Once you identify the demographic that you want, you’d find it easier to tailor a listing for them.

Identify places where you want to put your listing.

This doesn’t just pertain to physical locations for advertisements. Rather, try to see if there are online forums, communities, social media groups, and even industry-specific online exchanges that have an active user-base that you think will be interested in your armored vehicle. You can also test the waters by checking content in their forums, or what other people are talking about.

Consider who you want to sell to before you make your listing. For instance, if your armored car is a smaller vehicle, you might want to sell it to a professional or even a couple. If your car is an armored sedan, you might want to sell it to a family. Heavier, bulkier, and more specific modifications to vehicles may accommodate collectors or people who are very safety-oriented, so you may need to put your listings in more specific locations.

Be specific and engaging with your listings and sales materials.

Knowing who to sell to and where to put your listings is a third of the game, but actually making a helpful and engaging listing is very crucial to secure your armored car sale.

Bulletproof Armoured Infiniti SUV Armormax Cars in Production

Considering that you’re selling a very specific iteration of cars (armored cars) that may cost a bit more than regular vehicles (and even then, cars already cost a lot) can be tricky. However, tackling your listing properly can make selling your armored car as easy as getting a Vespa for sale. Here are some important tips to consider:

When making your listing, make sure you include relevant images of your car. These include not just basic features such as the interior and other electronic components, but also armored plates and other security features. Instead of being afraid that the “armored” part of your vehicle might make selling difficult, treat it as a selling point you have to emphasize.

Make your listings direct but friendly to read.

This means making your listing technical enough for experts, but with descriptions for laymen to understand exactly what these benefits are. This ensures both enthusiasts and newcomers have a chance to get to know your vehicle. After all, you might encounter someone new to armored cars that you might convert into an instant fan

Demonstrations may actually work in your favor. Unlike other cars for sale that simply rely on being “looked” at and a few minutes of test drives, armored cars can put you in a position to make exhibits and meet-ups more engaging and entertaining.

If you want to make your listings and your interactions with sellers more entertaining and appealing, you can actually demonstrate your car’s protective qualities to them. This can help buyers see exactly what they’re signing up for, and why an armored car’s increased price cost can be worth the investment.

If your client lives from afar, or if you want your demonstrations to reach a wider audience, you can record an educational video that teaches viewers and prospects the perks of buying an armored vehicle.

You can teach them about armored car technologies such as transparent armored glass or armored plating components for vehicles themselves, which can be very helpful to convince potential buyers to reach out to you and schedule an appointment.

If you have upcoming meetups, you may suggest having a demonstration of your car’s protective qualities. This gives your buyer insights and a better idea of how to evaluate their car’s safety, and why an armored car can be worth the purchase for them.

If you decide on “testing” the actual car you’re selling, make sure you don’t actually “damage” the plating and you only hit a side that can be easily repaired. And if you want to demonstrate protection from firearms, make sure you secure the necessary permit and you do it in a place without people.

Armored Car Sales: It’s All in the Presentation

You might be surprised that a lot of the tips above have to do with the proper presentation of your cars for sale. Since armored cars come in different forms and modes of protection, it helps to ensure you get to explain these points in the most accurate and most understandable way possible.

Not a lot of people can immediately see the value of armored cars, which already puts your potential buyer-base into a small number. With the above tips, you both get a shot at motivating interested buyers into purchasing a vehicle and convincing passers-by to consider getting a vehicle from you.

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