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Beautiful Armored Cars You Should See

March 2, 2016 1 Min read

Beautiful Armored Cars You Should See

Looking to get a new car in 2016. Come to International Armoring and choose the armoring package that best fits your needs.

Flashing blue lights and a convoy of black SUVs are a sure giveaway that bulletproof cars are passing.

Yet, most armored cars around the world roads look almost identical to their “soft” counterparts.

“They look no different on the road. You may be driving next to armored cars on a daily basis, you wouldn’t notice,” says Ryan Holmner, dealer principal at Infiniti Melrose.

Infiniti is a luxury car brand owned by Nissan. In South Africa, it is taking on more established German manufacturers by offering armored cars, in three different models, at competitive prices.

“A client can go in and order a vehicle off the floor from Infiniti with a full motor plan, warranty, and everything,” says Grant Anderson, managing director of Armormax.

Armormax, an American company with several workshops around the world, uses military-grade plastics and bulletproof glass to safeguard vehicles against gunfire.

The two companies are partnering in a new venture offering South African motorists the option of three armored Infiniti models off the dealership floor.

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