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See our bulletproof BMW section. Learn more about how we can armor your BMW and other vehicles with our advanced technology that saves lives.

Armored Vehicles

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Sedan Bulletproof BMW Sedan Options

Peace of mind The bullet stops here Protection that matters The optimal armoring package depends on the individual threat that the drivers and passengers may face We offer a variety of bulletproof products to meet any type of...

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Sedan Bulletproof BMW 750i

BMW: the ultimate driving machine BMWs make for great armored cars: they're powerful, rugged, sporty and stylish, everything that one could look for in a bulletproof vehicle The BMW 7 series is the top of the line of the BMW...

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Sedan Bulletproof BMW 335i

The BWM 335i, and the rest of the BMW 3-series have continually been known as the best entry-level luxury sedans on the market BMW continues to show the automotive industry that they know how to make powerful cars With an...

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SUV Bulletproof BMW X5

The armored BMW X5's sleek appearance is not compromised with Armormax protection, which allows the vehicle to keep its original appearance while getting the best bulletproof protection available The armored BMW X5 defines an...

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Sedan Bulletproof BMW 750 LI

IAC armored BMW 750Li is a combination of the dynamic and refined BMW with the cutting edge protection only IAC can provide The BMW 750Li has a V-8 engine with TwinPower Turbo technology and 400 horsepower, making it ideal for...

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Crossover Bulletproof BMW X6

The beautiful X6 from BMW comes armored with Armormax lightweight material With the latest in the advanced technology from International Armoring Corporation, this sporty crossover is the perfect synthesis of safety and...

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Frequently Asked Questions

The 7 Series was the first BMW to fully comply with VR7 ballistic protection standards. Dual layered tires can withstand attacks from bullets.

A bulletproof BMW car can cost customers between $120K and $300K, depending on certain factors.