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Best Tires To Pair With Your Armored Vehicle

June 12, 2020 3 Min read

There are all sorts of reasons why a civilian vehicle might be armored (see gallery). VIP transport, random acts of violence, transport for valuables, and high-security vehicles might all need armor with custom features that might include:

● Ballistic glass and windshield
● Reinforced doors and firewall
● Reinforced floor pan
● Armored skid plate under the engine

With a beefed-up suspension and brakes to match, all those features obviously mean a lot more curb weight. Here are a few ideas for tires that might be a good match:

Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season

● All-season tread pattern
● Run-flat design
● Low rolling resistance
● Up to 1,984 load capacity

The Pirelli Cinturato’s run-flat design uses reinforced sidewalls to support the vehicle’s weight even in the event of a total loss of air pressure. Some run-flat designs use a “support ring” of extra-stiff rubber or other material inside the tire’s air chamber, enabling the driver to keep going after the tire fails. The Cinturato P7 also allows the driver to keep going at speeds up to 50 mph until the vehicle can make it to safety or can replace the tire.

The load capacity of the P7 is suitable for an armored SUV or other heavy vehicles, without sacrificing traction, ride quality, or noise level. Not to mention that the low-rolling-resistance design helps enhance fuel economy.

Bridgestone DriveGuard

● All-season tread pattern
● Run-flat design
● 60,000 mile/5-year warranty
● Up to 1,984 lb load capacity
● Reinforced internal design
● Low rolling resistance

Like with the Pirelli P7, the Bridgestone DriveGuard uses a run-flat design that allows a driver to make it as far as 50 miles after a total tire failure. The DriveGuard is also designed with twin steel belts reinforced with spiral-wrapped nylon on top of a rayon cord casing. With the reinforced run-flat sidewall design, it makes for an exceptionally tough and robust tire that can keep going after a puncture.

The DriveGuard also features Bridgestone’s 60,000-mile warranty and Bridgestone’s commitment to quality (see more info our Knowledge Base). These features, along with its load capacity, make the DriveGuard an exceptionally good choice for a civilian armored vehicle.

Goodyear Wrangler 

● Off-road traction with good road manners on the highway
● Kevlar reinforced sidewall
● Extra steel belts in carcass
● 2601 lb load capacity

Goodyear’s Wrangler series of light truck tires are near-legendary for its toughness and quality. The Kevlar-reinforced sidewall just ups the game with exceptional resistance to tears, gouges, and punctures. The 2601 lb load capacity means that the Wrangler is a good choice for even the heaviest armored truck or SUV.

In addition, the Wrangler with Kevlar features a 60,000-mile warranty and is available with up to aT (118 mph) speed rating, in case of a possible emergency.

Goodyear Armor Max Pro Grade MSD

● Built-in sealant to self-repair punctures
● Enhanced casing toughness
● Up to 7,150 lb load capacity
● Low rolling resistance for cooler tire temperature

Though it’s designed for dump trucks and other commercial/industrial applications, the Goodyear Armor Max Pro Grade MSD is a great tire for an armored civilian HMMV or other heavy vehicles. Its internal sealant can self-seal punctures up to ¼” in the tread, and its rugged tread design can handle the toughest situations on- or off-road.

The base compound is specifically designed to lower tire temperatures by cutting rolling resistance. The 7,150 lb load capacity can handle the heaviest vehicle with ease.

Michelin Pilot Sport ZP

● Zero Pressure design
● Performance tire with an asymmetric tread pattern
● Spiral wound cord layer
● Summer tire

The Pilot Sport ZP uses Michelin’s proprietary Zero Pressure run-flat design, to safely get you where you’re going in the event of a loss of pressure. The Pilot Sport ZP is a performance- oriented tire for wet or dry traction, with a spiral wound polyamide cord layer that enhances
steering response and reinforces its steel belts.

The Pilot Sport ZP was OEM on the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 starting in the model year 2009. It
is a good choice for drivers of BMW, Cadillac, or Mercedes civilian armored vehicles.

Things To Remember

If you’ve got a vehicle with run-flat tires (regardless of brand), they shouldn’t be mixed with any kind of conventional tires. Mixing conventional and run-flat tires can lead to dangerous problems with handling and braking.

Considering the range of civilian armored vehicles there are – everything from Lincoln Town Cars to Chevy Tahoes to HMMVs – we’ve covered a few different tires for different applications. Each has its own set of strengths that would make it a good fit for your civilian armored vehicle.

One thing’s for sure: if you’ve found it necessary to own such a vehicle, you need the right tires for those specific needs. Have a look at this overview and maybe there’s a specific tire that’s right for your vehicle!

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