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Armored Trucks for Sale

Armormax® Inc. designs & installs custom armored options for new and used trucks.

The truck’s iconic use from transporting cargo to hauling trailers makes it the perfect vehicle to be upgraded. Armormax® takes existing trucks from the Ford F150 to the Dodge Ram and upgrades the vehicle with the desired armoring specifications. The bulletproof truck package is one of the most popular that we offer. Your armored truck will vary greatly in size, power, and configuration but our technology can be adapted to fit any truck that you want to be armored.

Armored Trucks

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Truck Bulletproof Dodge Ram Pickup Truck

The armored Dodge Ram is a full-size pickup truck that has been loved by clients for the last two decades Dodge originally had "The Ram" as a stand-alone brand, but it was later consolidated into the Dodge brand in 2010 The...

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SUV Custom Bulletproof Defender

Looking for a custom armored Land Rover Defender 4x4 truck Armormax is excited to work with conversions companies in the US and UK that restore and build the Defender 90 and Defender 110 where we can apply our lightweight...

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Truck Bulletproof Rivian R1T – Electric Truck

Get the all-new bulletproof Rivian R1T electric truck From the hottest places to the coldest — from 130ºF to -25ºF — the Rivian battery systems were built to explore, delivering between 260 – 400+ miles of range...

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Truck 2022 Bulletproof Jeep Rubicon Gladiator

The bulletproof Jeep Gladiator is an honest-to-goodness pickup truck A lot of people buying this Jeep Gladiator truck love the Jeep experience but want the truck bed for more extracurricular activities The gladiator excels in It...

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Truck Bulletproof Ford Raptor Truck

Reserve your Bulletproof Ford Raptor today! We have started shipping all makes and models, including the latest 2020 and 2021 versions The Ford Raptor is one of the best trucks available on the market with its 450 horsepower and...

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SUV Bulletproof Military Humvee

The bulletproof military Humvee (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle) from Armormax® can come in any desired color and spec outfit with night vision, tack spikes, shocking door handles, gas masks, runflat tires and even...

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Truck Bulletproof Tesla Cybertruck

Announced in November 2019 the Tesla Cybertruck has three model variations from 250+ miles, 300+ miles, and 500+ miles As seen from the newly released designs, the Cybertruck will sport a futuristic look and top of the line...

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Truck Bulletproof Vermeer Trencher

The Vermeer® Trencher tractor is used by some of the best companies throughout the world Armormax the world leader in the design and manufacturing the armoring solutions has been tasked with armoring over 80 units over the next...

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SUV Bulletproof Rezvani Tank

Would you like a new custom SUV with a polished conversion Looking for a 64-liter 500 HP V8 Do you somehow need protection from assault rifles, a thermal vision imaging system and a nice copper paint job on bodywork that looks...

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Truck Bulletproof Toyota Tundra Truck

This armored Toyota Tundra is the latest quality bulletproof truck option available from International Armoring With advanced suspension and truckload capabilities, this truck stands strong and will take almost anything you can...

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Truck Bulletproof Toyota Hilux

The armored Toyota Hilux is a common vehicle used by businesses and governments worldwide Armormax® recently provided the armored conversion on a fleet of armoured Toyota Hiluxes The Armormax® lightweight armoring technology is...

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Truck Bulletproof Ford F350 Platinum

The unique Super Duty® Platinum interior on the Ford F350, combined with IAC’s Armormax armoring package makes it a perfect combination of rugged safety and extreme luxury The bulletproof Ford F350 truck features premium...

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Truck Bulletproof Ford F150

International Armoring Corporation armors various models of Ford trucks, with the most popular among them being the armored F150 The new and improved F150 now comes with an aluminum-alloy body, which makes the F150 lighter than...

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Armored Trucks FAQ

Yes we can. We can work on your existing vehicle to add customized armor plating.

Yes. We have a limited inventory of armored trucks you can choose from.