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Bulletproof Cars Pakistan

We are the Vehicle Armoring Company of choice by the top auto manufacturers and World Governments. We buy bulletproof vehicles direct from the manufacturer IAC and have the lightest armor in the industry. Nearly 8,000 armored vehicles have been produced at numerous manufacturing facilities worldwide for bullet proof vehicles.

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Why Get an Armored Car in Pakistan?

High Quality Protection

Using only the best materials possible, we are dedicated to making sure your vehicle is built to be secure.

Expert Craftsmanship

Our experienced team of professionals in Pakistan are excited to help you build your perfect armored car.

Fast Turnaround Times

Keep yourself and your family safer faster. Armormax has fast turnaround times to ensure you get your vehicle back.

Bulletproof Jeep Rubicon Gladiator Front

Elevating Security to New Heights

Welcome to Armormax Pakistan, where security transcends boundaries and innovation knows no limits. Situated in the diverse landscape of Pakistan, our facility stands as a fortress of armored excellence, dedicated to providing unparalleled protection for your vehicles. From enhancing the safety of your everyday journeys to fortifying specialized transport, Armormax Pakistan is your partner in redefining vehicle security.

At Armormax Pakistan, cutting-edge technology converges with a legacy of craftsmanship to unveil a new standard of safety. Our team of experts is enthusiastic to introduce you to our range of armoring packages, offering a sneak peek into the intricate process that transforms vehicles into impregnable fortresses.

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Pakistan Lake

The Armormax Difference

With over 30 years of experience and a constant effort to continue to improve. We are always looking for new and improved methods for armoring. You can be sure that your armored vehicle will be the best quality possible.



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Plan Your Visit

Experience the future of armored vehicles at Armormax® Pakistan. Explore the nuances of armoring levels and witness the seamless integration of advanced features that redefine security. Schedule your visit to our Pakistan location today and embark on a journey that elevates your understanding of vehicle protection, security, and tranquility.

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