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10 Myths About Armored Cars

August 27, 2018 2 Min read
10 Myths About Armored Vehicles

Armored vehicles have seen progress over the past few years. From the advancement of technology to make the vehicles lighter and stronger to more efficient designs in the armoring. Our company Armormax has provided such advancements in our Weld-free armoring, 3.3 armor, rebated glass, bomb protection, ram bumpers, and many others.

Here are a few myths about armoring:

  1. Are they are expensive? – only the very wealthy can afford them.
  2. Are they are heavy, almost tank-like?
  3. Bullets “bounce off”?
  4. Can only the government or military use them?
  5. Bulletproof cars are dangerous?
  6. Can the vehicles drive with all the upgrades?
  7. Is it illegal to own an armored vehicle?
  8. Can the windows open on an armored car?
  9. Do you need different special tires to run an armored car?
  10. Are there only fully armored cars?

See our knowledge base where you can find a variety of answers to common questions (example, can normal civilians drive bulletproof cars?).

Bulletproof cars are bulletproof

Bulletproof Armored Escalade 2021 Exterior

The proper terminology is “bullet-resistant” cars.  There really is no such thing as bullet-proof cars. If one were to shoot in the same spot multiple times (depending on the armor, gun, and frequency) bullets would eventually penetrate the armor (whether transparent or opaque).

“One size fits all” 

There are a number of different ballistic protection levels as well as numerous packages available.  A ballistic package can be designed to fit one’s specific threat concern. Some feel comfortable with the glass and the doors only in handgun protection while others would need a complete armoring package (entire passenger compartment, fuel tank, battery, run-flats, etc.) in the highest rifle level. 

Not many need (or can afford) the protection level the President of the United States needs. Nor would the President of a country be riding in a vehicle with handgun protection in the windows and doors only (no roof, floor, pillar post, etc.).


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Frequently Asked Questions

Armored vehicles offer full protection from top to bottom, including the use of bulletproof tires.