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Are You Excited for Your Bulletproof Tesla Model Y?

March 17, 2020 2 Min read

Since 2003 Telsa has been changing the world with their electric vehicles and instant torque along with their beautiful design something that others thought was impossible on an electric car. Today the Tesla team is releasing and delivering the much-anticipated Model Y to would be excited owners. This vehicle over the last couple of months has been heavily reviewed, see here, here, and here (or more videos below).

At Armormax®, we believe the bulletproof Tesla Model Y will be one of the most popular vehicles we offer in the coming years. Our lightweight armoring packages are ideally suited for upgrades on any vehicle but particularly the new technology is going into Telsa. From strobe lights to run-flats tires to glass that can stop high-powered rifles get your Tesla the ultimate protection only a few are experiencing worldwide.

Tesla has released Model Y production and testing footage, and it is announcing the official start of deliveries in the US (see below).

From our favorite news site about electric cars, Electrek writes:

“In order to help new owners, the automaker has also started releasing instructional videos about the electric SUV. One of the most interesting videos is about Model Y’s awesome trunk cargo system and capacity.

Tesla has also released the Model Y’s owner’s manual in full so that owners and prospective buyers can familiarize themselves with their new electric vehicles.

We have been going through the owner’s manual and pulling out some new and interesting information and differences between the Model Y’s and Model 3’s manuals.”

Here are some of them:

If you are seeking for the most eco-friendly vehicle, safety with style then the new armored Telsa Model Y is your best bet. It is an armoured model vehicle carefully made to offer you utmost comfort blended with appropriate safety measures. This bulletproofed vehicle is tested and proved to stop a bullet and withstand any attack.

Besides, its 100-kilowatt-hour battery which gives you the most efficient and lasts the longest.   Also, this revolutionary vehicle has a high-performance drive inverter, which guarantees a smooth and uncomplicated trip to anywhere you are going within your state.

The bulletproof Tesla Model Y has Bio-Weapon Defense Mode air filtration. This feature makes it protected against the worst. It comes in different trims with a variety of battery sizes which make this armoured Tesla Model Y an ideal choice for every traveler. No matter where you are traveling to, trust your bulletproof Tesla Model Y for maximum security and convenience. Indeed, this armoured Model Y vehicle is nothing but a dream comes true!

If you are seeking lightweight armouring and protection on a civilian car, this style of armouring is one of the best new techniques that could be used to stopping anything from a handgun to high powered rifle on your vehicle. With the added vehicle armoring you can feel safe in any situation using these upgrades in 2020.

Contact us to learn more about upgrades you can have on your Tesla Model Y or another vehicle.

See videos review about the Tesla Model Y.

from Andy Slye and The Throttle House:

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