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Hijackers Meet Their Match in Armormax

October 25, 2019 2 Min read
[Original Story from an African Magazine]

How the Headline “Father Gunned Down In Front Of Family” changed to “Hijacker Injured As Families Bullet-Resistant Car Saves the Day”

Bullets flew in the leafy suburb in Africa on a quiet Sunday night as a hijacking went horribly wrong, horribly wrong for the hijackers that is!

A family, returning from a Sunday outing pulled into their driveway and were immediately surrounded by armed assailants who had followed them. Unbeknown to the hijackers the family was driving a vehicle that had been armored by Armormax. The world’s leading experts in the armoring of luxury vehicles.

The hijackers immediately fired two shots at the driver. who reacted quickly and reversed out of the driveway, running over the leg of one of the assailants in the process. The hijackers fired another two shots, which hit the windscreen. In spite of this, the family was able to drive to safety.

As was to be expected, the result of the shooting was Zero Penetration! The ultimate goal of the team at Armormax in the event of an attack.

This is the most recent attack on our vehicles this year, this case gives you a chilling insight into the mind of the hijackers who were prepared to gun down a father in front of his wife and two young children.

We are seeing an increasing number of individuals who have made the decision to upgrade their vehicles with armored materials. The reality is that violent crime is still an issue in many parts of the world, their homes and vehicles need to be able to withstand an attack. Our vehicles provide total security in an area that was once the most vulnerable.

It’s difficult to quantify the value of these lives. What’s a Dads worth to his wife and family, both in emotional and financial terms? What impact does the loss of a senior executive have on the company and employees?

A difficult question to answer, but thanks to Armormax these clients are still there for their loved ones and dependants.

For us at Armormax and International Armoring Corporation, another seven lives to add to the total of all most 500 lives saved by our vehicles worldwide.

To learn more call 1.801.393.1075 and find out how our products can benefit you.

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