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Buying a Civilian MRAP: Everything You Need to Know

August 30, 2022 4 Min read

Bug out vehicles are vehicles that have been prepared and are ready to go should you need to drive out of the area as soon as possible. Such a vehicle will typically be packed with food, water, other supplies and survival gear that would help them live in the wild if necessary.

Preppers are people who are ‘prepped’ (prepared) for natural disasters, wars, and whatever else comes their way. They will often be skilled in survival techniques and equipped to help them find a way to survive should they need to.

It’s easy to see how a prepper would benefit from a bug out vehicle, and there are various products on the market that fit the bill. Although some are made for more or less durability than other vehicles, none come tougher than a civilian MRAP.

What is a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle?

A mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicle (MRAP) is built for the battlefield. Literally able to withstand mine blasts while keeping their occupants safe, this vehicle was made to withstand anything you can throw at it.

You might not think these often-gargantuan vehicles are suitable as civilian vehicles, but many people disagree, and civilian MRAPs have been converted to civilian use. Of course, military equipment like machine guns and sensitive hardware is removed.

Can a Civilian Buy an MRAP?

Yes, civilians can buy MRAPs. As mentioned previously, all military equipment can be removed so civilians can buy them. You do not need to make an MRAP road legal to buy one, but you will need to make it road legal to take it on public roads.

You might need to dig deep, though, because the lower end starts at around $100,000, with prices reaching up to around $180,000. However, many people feel it’s a small price to pay for their family’s security.

There are obvious setbacks to owning such a large vehicle, such as fuel consumption and manoeuvrability on city roads. However, there are also clear benefits, such as the protection they offer and their immense 4WD capabilities.

What Types of Civilians Like the MRAPs

We’ve already mentioned that civilian MRAPs are ideal for preppers, but they’re not the only group of people who like the vehicles. Below is a small selection of people who buy and use civilian MRAPs.

  • Artists

Civilian MRAPs are striking sights, helping to give artists visibility. There’s also much room for creativity with such a large vehicle, helping artists to them to express themselves. You will occasionally see large vehicles like MRAPs at displays and events, where they will be the centre of attention.

  • Collectors

MRAPs are unusual vehicles for civilians to buy, and this can help make them more appealing to collectors. A civilian MRAP might be bought by someday who wants something different, or maybe by somebody who has an interested in military vehicles.

  • Security Companies

Security companies that transport valuable goods could benefit from the sturdiness of an MRAP. While security guards will typically have an armoured van, an MRAP will help take security to another level for those extra valuable cargoes.

What Other Military Grade Vehicles can a Civilian Buy?

MRAPs aren’t the only military vehicle you can buy, and there’s a wide selection to choose from, from small, mobile vehicles to behemoths that offer maximum protection. Some of the most popular include:

AM General Humvee

The Humvee, affectionately known as the Hummer, is one of the best-known military vehicles available to civilians. Although not as large civilian MRAPS, hummers are still large vehicles and some people have used this to their convenience. With the right investment, a military Humvee can be transformed into a luxury limousine.

Ford Jeep

The Ford Jeep is one of the most iconic vehicles of WWII. This durable, light vehicle was used for reconnaissance, and to whisk personnel to locations in active military zones. Jeeps tend to be bought as a fashion item as well as a practical vehicle, while it is also an ideal recreational vehicle.

Ford Interceptor

Although the Ford Interceptor is commonly used by police departments, it is also a valuable option for civilians who are looking for added protection. The armored Ford Interceptor is a beast used to combat numerous threats.

Paramount Marauder

The Paramount marauder is another beast of a vehicle that has been made to take a beating. The Marauder was designed to be used in Urban areas, meaning it can handle most city streets despite its size. The Marauder is used worldwide by militaries and security organizations, and civilian versions are also available.

Polaris MV 850

The Polaris is a type of quad, albeit with a significant feature. This ATV vehicle doesn’t use standard air tyres, but instead, uses non-pneumatic tires that use a flexible spoke system to provide support. The result is a mobile ATV that excels over rough terrain without fear of getting a puncture. The Polaris is an excellent utility/sports vehicle, offering lots of fun as well as practicality.


A civilian MRAP could prove to be a very useful acquisition for some people, even though it may not be the most practical of vehicles in towns and cities. If you would like one, the good news is that civilians are free to buy them provided they are demilitarized. For those that do invest in an MRAP, it will prove to be a reliable vehicle that helps provide security for your family, while also turning heads when in town.

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Frequently Asked Questions

MRAPs are not speedsters, able to drive smoothly at around 45 to miles per hour. Although that’s still plenty fast for such a large vehicle, and its off-road where MRAPs perform best anyway.

Yes, you can legally own a civilian MRAP. The vehicle will need to have weapons and other military equipment removed first, and some people may want to add some more comfortable fittings for their passengers.

Civilian MRAPs cost between $500,000 and $1,000,000 when new. The good news for anybody interested is that used, civilian MRAPs will cost considerably less. In most cases, you should be able to find one for between $100,000 and $180,000, although you might want to pay more for customizations.