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How is Armormax® different from Kevlar?

Armormax Ballistic Police Riot Shield Floor Holding

Our company does not use Kevlar. We have designed and implemented our own armor that is not only stronger than Kevlar but more suited for vehicle protection and durability (thus the reason we offer a lifetime warranty on the Armormax). Kevlar has mostly been associated with body armor and has become popular in vests and other police gear but is more of an antiquated older technology.

Armormax® is the ultimate in lightweight ballistic armoring material that has saved hundreds of lives since 1993.  Armormax® is the lightest opaque armor in the industry; it reduces the added weight on a vehicle by up to 60%, making it the lightest weight armoring system in the industry. Armormax® also helps your vehicle maintain its original appearance and performance.  The technology developed by International Armoring® is ten times stronger than ballistic steel, pound for pound.


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