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How do vehicle floor fragmentation blankets work?


Vehicle floor fragmentation blankets might sound like a complex term, but in simple terms, they are crucial safety features designed to protect you and your passengers. In this FAQ, we’ll explain how these blankets work and why they are essential for your armored vehicle.

What are Vehicle Floor Fragmentation Blankets?

Vehicle floor fragmentation blankets or bomb blankets are specially designed materials placed under the flooring of armored vehicles. They serve as a protective layer against potential explosive devices placed on the road or detonated nearby. These blankets help prevent dangerous fragments and debris from penetrating the vehicle’s floor and harming its occupants.

How Do They Work?

The fragmentation blankets are made from advanced ballistic materials, which are highly resistant to explosive forces. When an explosion occurs, the blankets absorb and disperse the energy generated by the blast, reducing its impact on the vehicle’s floor. This helps to minimize the risk of injuries from flying debris and fragments, providing you with an extra layer of safety and protection.

Why Are They Important?

Fragmentation blankets are crucial for safeguarding the passengers inside the armored vehicle. In high-risk areas or during sensitive operations, the threat of roadside explosives is a significant concern. The blankets help to minimize the effects of these potential hazards, allowing the vehicle’s occupants to remain safe and secure even in dangerous situations.


Vehicle floor fragmentation blankets are essential safety features that protect you and your passengers from potential explosions and dangerous debris. These specialized materials are placed under the vehicle’s flooring, absorbing and dispersing the energy from blasts, ensuring your safety and well-being. For enhanced security in high-risk environments or during sensitive missions, fragmentation blankets play a vital role in keeping you safe inside your armored vehicle.


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