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Added Options (6 articles)

What are the best bomb blankets available?

Bomb blankets are effective against blast and hand grenade fragments, most fragmentation caused by pressure or electrical explosions, and most pipe bombs. These blankets combine .....

May 04 1 Min read

What are some uses for armored car accessories?

The standard armoring options shield the passengers in the vehicle with opaque and transparent ballistic armor available in different ballistic protection levels. Enhanced protection upgrades .....

May 04 1 Min read

How do vehicle floor fragmentation blankets work?

Vehicle floor fragmentation blankets might sound like a complex term, but in simple terms, they are crucial safety features designed to protect you and your .....

May 04 1 Min read

Where can I get a smokescreen for my car?

What is a smokescreen for cars? A smokescreen for cars is a specialized defensive system that releases a dense cloud of smoke to obscure the .....

May 04 1 Min read

What are some armored car accessories?

In addition to armoring packages offered by Armormax®, clients have the option to choose between multiple armored car accessories and other optional equipment. All of .....

Apr 27 1 Min read

Does ARMORMAX® install added options on their bulletproof vehicles?

Yes! We install customized added options on bulletproof vehicles. We assure additional protection for armored vehicles by adding customized features on demand of our clients. .....

Mar 02 1 Min read

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