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Can you roll down bulletproof windows?

Armored Mercedes S 560 by Armormax Glass Side Photo

Yes – see also, can armored car windows go up and down? Can my bulletproof car have operable windows?

We have several specialized motors depending on your vehicle where we can get our ballistic glass to go up and do in your armored vehicle. See more updates and details below.

See a video here.

A picture showing how thick the glass is in an operable window.

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Armored Glass Operable Windows

The ability of armored glass windows to roll down in a vehicle can vary based on the specific design and engineering of the armoring process. In many cases, armored vehicles are designed to allow the windows to be partially opened for ventilation, communication, or other practical purposes. However, there are limitations imposed by the armored materials used and the need to maintain security and protection.

Here are a few factors to consider:

1. Design of the glass and vehicle:

The design of armored vehicles, including the windows, is typically carried out by specialized armoring companies. The extent to which windows can be rolled down is influenced by the armoring materials and techniques used.

2. Level of Armoring:

The level of armoring can affect the flexibility of windows. Higher levels of armoring, providing greater ballistic protection, may limit the window’s range of motion compared to lighter armoring.

3. Security Considerations:

Armored vehicles are designed with security as a top priority. Allowing windows to be fully opened might compromise the protective integrity of the vehicle. Therefore, armoring companies carefully balance security needs with practical functionality.

4. Legal and Safety Regulations:

Local regulations may dictate the extent to which windows can be opened in an armored vehicle. Additionally, there might be safety considerations related to the design and operation of windows, especially in the context of armored vehicles.

If you have specific questions about the windows in your armored vehicle, it’s recommended to consult the armoring company that performed the modifications. They should be able to provide detailed information about the design specifications, including the range of motion for the windows and any limitations imposed by the armoring process.

Always follow the guidelines and recommendations provided by the armoring company to ensure the continued effectiveness of the armored features and the safety of the vehicle occupants.

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