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Where can I buy parts for my bulletproof car?


If you’re looking to buy parts for your bulletproof car, Armormax® is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of armored vehicle parts and accessories. They offer a wide range of components designed to enhance the security and performance of armored vehicles. Here are some of the parts you can purchase from Armormax®:

  • Ballistic Steel Sheets: These sheets are designed to reinforce the body of the vehicle, providing protection against ballistic threats.
  • Bulletproof Armored Glass: Armormax® provides high-quality armored glass designed to withstand various levels of ballistic impact.
  • Heavy-Duty Armored Vehicle Suspensions: Upgraded suspensions are essential for supporting the added weight of armored vehicles and ensuring a smooth ride.
  • Cut-to-Size Steel Plates: These plates can be customized to fit your specific vehicle and are often used for reinforcing vulnerable areas.
  • High-Performance Brake Systems: Armored vehicles require robust braking systems to handle the increased weight and maintain safety.
  • Run-Flat Tire Systems: These systems allow your vehicle to continue driving even with flat tires, enhancing your ability to escape dangerous situations.
  • Heavy-Duty Tires: Durable tires are crucial for maintaining mobility and stability in armored vehicles.
  • Heavy-Duty Window Actuators: These components are essential for power window operation in armored vehicles.
  • Heavy-Duty Wheel Assemblies: Upgraded wheel assemblies are designed to handle the additional weight of armored vehicles.
  • Machined Heavy-Duty Armored Door Hinges: Reinforced door hinges ensure the security and functionality of the vehicle’s doors. Armored glass Production Pieces

You can contact Armormax® directly to inquire about purchasing these parts for your bulletproof car. They should be able to provide you with more information on product availability, pricing, and customization options based on your specific vehicle’s requirements. Remember that when dealing with armored vehicle components, it’s essential to ensure proper installation to maintain the vehicle’s security and performance.


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Yes, Armormax® has a complete range of armored vehicle parts and bulletproof car spare parts to buy. Whether you are in search of bulletproof glass, run-flat-tires, heavy-duty brake system, and suspension, or any other armored vehicles and bulletproof car accessories and spare parts, just contact ARMORMAX. We are a one-stop-shop for all your armored vehicle needs, and we can ship these spare parts to any international destination.

Armored vehicles are generally built with bulletproof glass and layers of armor plate, as well as a number of additional protective systems and measures to help the people within. A civilian armored automobile, unlike a military armored vehicle, is meant to be unobtrusive and comparable to its manufacturing counterpart.

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