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6 Reasons To Turn Your Old Car Into An Armored Car

December 29, 2020 4 Min read

In places where crime rates are higher, armoring passenger cars has become a trend. Although there are some brands that offer bulletproof versions of their vehicle products, most automakers have just tiptoed into the bulletproofing game. That’s why the vast majority of passenger cars, especially old ones, are modified using aftermarket parts.

When turning an old car into an armored one, you have to implement changes into the components of the car’s body, including the doors. The glass portions of your vehicle will also have to be replaced so the glass will become bulletproof and can serve as your car’s transparent armor. Conventional tires are replaced as well for them to be able to stand up to gunfire. Last but not least, for your vehicle to cope with the extra weight sufficiently, changes in suspension and engine are also necessary.

But why do you have to turn your old car into an armored car? Is it beneficial? Is it worth it? Below are reasons why people would want an armored vehicle:

1. An Armored Car Has Strong And Sturdy Protective Features

When traveling on the road, car owners need security for various reasons. Armored cars have enhanced security features that standard passenger vehicles, old or new, don’t have. That being said, turning your car into an armored one is the only viable solution to this requirement, unless, of course, you have the budget to straightly buy a brand-new armored vehicle.

If you’re a celebrity, political and government personality, lawyer, or anyone who requires maximum protection, an armored car is extremely useful to you. Families that are frequently traveling to destinations where their safety may be compromised can also benefit from armoring an old standard passenger car.

2. Armored Cars Are A Luxury

Aside from greater protection, another major reason why someone would want to convert an old car into an armored car is luxury.

An armored vehicle is truly a major luxury for you and other people traveling inside it due to the fact that the car is safe from any external weaponry and bullets. Even if you’re sure that there’s no threat to your life but can afford having an armored car as a luxury with protocol behind, then there’s no reason anyone should deny you from doing so simply because it’s your own hard-earned money.

3. An Armored Car Can Be A Corporate Asset

There are so many ways that a small or huge business can benefit from using armored vehicles. For one, the armored car provides protection to highly-confidential documents, equipment, and machines when they’re being transported. While on the road, the use of an armored car guarantees that your corporate assets are highly protected.

Of course, there are times when employees have to be on board an armored vehicle too, especially when transferring valuables or cash from one point to another. Again, an armored car provides additional protection for these individuals.

So, if your company has old standard passenger cars, you may want to look into the possibility of converting one or two of them into an armored vehicle.

4. Armored Cars Can Be A Status Symbol

When you own an armored vehicle if you let others know you have one will be that you are safety conscientious you want to have a status symbol that you want to protect yourself and those you love. An armored vehicle is a symbol of peace of mind and strength.

An armored vehicle as a status symbol speaks out more for some people than anything else. If you’re like them, then by all means armor your old car. There’s no harm in doing so as long as you can afford the luxury. Therefore, spending money on armoring your old standard passenger car is a good statement if you want to show to the world the strength of your status.

5. An Armored Car Has A Discreet Style

One of the reasons why armored vehicles are highly-sought is their discreet look. In the past, armored cars look massive, boxy, and bulky. However, gone are those days as an armored vehicle can very well look like any regular automobile nowadays. There are a lot of videos that show how durable bulletproof cars are and how they can discreetly protect you.

The truth is that any car model can be turned into an armored car. It’s just that the standard automobiles look like armored vehicles’ soft counterparts, just enhanced with protective glasses and thick metal sheets.

6. Armored Cars Trigger Societal Reaction

On a regular working day, you getting off of an armored vehicle will speak volumes for your importance as an individual and your credibility. As a result, more and more are going to try to approach you every day with the aim of associating themselves with you.

It may not be one of the most important reasons for armoring an old car, but if you want your social circle to grow incredibly, then convert your old standard car into an armored one.

Final Thoughts

Armored cars are bullet-proof vehicles that are used for providing a greater degree of protection to the objects and people inside them. Armored vehicles are usually used by banks for the transit of cash. There would also be armored individuals guarding the car and the person who’s holding the cash.

Having an armored car is certainly not one affordable expense. It’s true even if you’re just converting an old car into an armored one. Obtaining it, however, is a need for some people, not just those working in banks. Armored vehicles can be used not just to carry cash but other more important purposes as well.

Anyone who wants to safeguard not only their lives but also the lives of those people close to them can use an armored vehicle. Even individuals who just want to experience the luxury of having an armored car or show the strength of their status can use one.

So, if you’re wondering whether or not turning your old car into an armored car is a good idea, there’s actually no reason why it’s not. Unless your budget doesn’t allow you to do so, armoring your old standard automobile will go a long way in providing you protection, peace of mind, luxury, and comfort. Request a quote today!

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