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5 Reasons Why You Should Get an Armored Car

December 4, 2020 2 Min read

Just because everyone is buying a luxurious car and showing off on social media, doesn’t mean you have to do it too. You can take a more strategic approach and get an armored car instead.

You mean the large heavy armored vehicles that we see on television? Of course not! In fact, the armored car industry has innovated by a mile and is now focusing on making simple car designs with a body tougher than ever. Which means, you can enjoy all the benefits of an armored car and also lead a classy lifestyle.

Armored cars can be expensive depending on what you buy. Most commonly individuals that purchase armored cars are those who have a perceived threat and want to protect themselves. There are, however, many benefits an armored car offers that anyone would enjoy!

First Class Protection 

The core reason for using an armored car is, of course, protection. You might be a businessman, a politician, a president, or a celebrity. But can you ensure that your stylish eye-catchy sports car will protect you in times of danger? Definitely not! 

Armored cars are meant to keep you safe in most situations imaginable, and it doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on looks or comfort, either.

Buying an armored car is also an excellent investment in the safety of your private meetings and secured escorts. You can carry important documents, money, and valuables without a worry.


Armored cars are mostly built with heavy metals, defensive plastics, unbreakable glass, and special tires so the car can counter fire, punchers, gas attacks, and other damages. To assist the hardness of the body, the suspension system is usually doubled compared with other vehicles to carry the weight.

An armored car is also equipped with extra fuel tanks and a boost to get out of trouble. They consist of sirens, PA systems with a lot of space to carry valuables that make it reliable while traveling. 

Unbreakable Glass

The glass used in an armored car can be more rigid than a regular car’s body. In order to protect you, these armored cars use shatterproof glass that consists of polycarbonate substrate and leaded glass so that even a bullet can’t break it, let alone stones and bricks. 

Armormax Ballistic Glass Designs Bulletproof Glass Windows

The best part about an armored car is that it’s fully customizable. Just because someone chose a heavy armored car doesn’t mean you need to do it as well. You can simply add run-flat tires and bulletproof glass, or if you need something more, then there are plenty of options.

Inconspicuous Looks

When you first heard “armored car” you probably imagined a huge attention-grabber like a Tesla CyberTruck. But the reality is, you can ride a modern armored vehicle that looks like a regular car, and no one would know that your car is fully armored until you say so. 

If you have a desire to stay unnoticed but 100% safe, a modern armored car is all you need.

Bulletproof Armoured Infiniti SUV Armormax FX 35 ZA


Not everyone can buy an armored car, which means if you own one it already makes you stand out. It’s well worth investing your hard-earned money into your own safety (and safety of your family) alone, but a luxurious looking armored car also highlights your reputation and status.

Are You Looking for an Unbreakable Car?

An armored car allows you to travel anywhere you want with zero disturbance, as well as carry valuables without any hesitation. The only issue with these armored cars is that they are more expensive than regular vehicles, but the benefits are precious!

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