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Can You Patch a Run Flat Tire?

August 25, 2022 2 Min read

Some criminals will target a car’s tires to try and stop the vehicle, but run flat tires help make an effective solution to the problem. A run flat tire is a specialist tire that allows a car to continue driving even after a puncture. The car can only continue for a limited distance at limited speeds, but it’s enough to get the vehicle to safety in many cases.

The main reason run flat tires work is that they have reinforced sidewalls that help the tire keep shape even when deflated. Because the tire keeps its shape better, so the tread of the tire can still contact the road enough for the vehicle to travel.

However, run flat tires don’t come cheap, and they are not indestructible. Punctures and other issues can occur and the cost of replacing a run flat makes it understandable that you might be wondering “can you patch a run flat tire?”. Let’s find out

How are Run Flat Tires Patched?

It is recommended to replace run flat tires after deflation, and many technicians will not agree to patch up a run flat for you. However, some people will still prefer to have them repaired, which can be done depending on the extent and nature of the damage. However, these people face the risk of a blowout or similar if the weakened tires give way.

What if Tire Damage is Too Extensive?

If the damage is too expensive, then it will become too difficult to repair the tire safely. The tire will have lost its shape and strength, which is potentially dangerous if driving at high speeds. If you’re in any doubt, then you should have a new tire installed to help ensure your safety.

Manufacturer Policies

Depending on the tire manufacturer, there will be different policies in place in case of damage. A lot depends on how far the vehicle was driven since run-flat tires have a limited range.


Frequently Asked Questions

Although not usually recommended, it is possible to repair a run flat tire with a nail in it, depending on where the nail is. If the nail is in or close to the side wall then it can cause damage to the tire walls, making them unsafe to use.

While a slow puncture might appear to be caused by limited damage, it's all but impossible to ensure the rest of the tire's structure is intact. This means that while it might be possible to repair a slow puncture on a run flat, it's best to be on the safe side and get a new one instead.

Can you patch a run flat tire if you removed a nail? A nail in a standard tire can usually be removed and patched up, but this is not usually the case with a run flat tire. It's possible the tire has lost its strength, making it potentially dangerous on the road. Perhaps even worse is that the tire will appear fine until it's too late.