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How do I get my car to an Amormax facility to have it armored?

Not a big fan of long road trips? Armormax® has your back. Our expansive vehicle transport network stretches across the United States and beyond, ensuring .....

Aug 18 2 Min read

How can I ship my armored vehicle?

Can I ship my armored vehicle safely? Yes, you can safely ship your armored vehicle with proper planning and the right shipping company. To ensure .....

Jan 28 2 Min read

Can you armor a used vehicle, can I bring you my own car?

When it comes to armoring vehicles, many individuals wonder whether it's possible to armor a used vehicle or bring their own car for the armoring .....

Jun 15 2 Min read

Do you provide armored vehicle kits?

Yes, Armormax® provides armored vehicle kits. We only ship vehicle kits out on a case-by-case basis and only approved materials from our US headquarters. The .....

Jun 15 2 Min read

Can you supply the base vehicle to be armored?

Yes! At Armormax, we offer the convenience of purchasing the car you desire and then proceeding to armor it for you. Whether you have a .....

Apr 12 2 Min read

Do I need an export license to ship my bulletproof car?

No and Yes. See our export guidelines here. Why an Export Compliance Program? For reasons of national security, the United States Government has asked exporters .....

Apr 12 1 Min read

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