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Armoring Options (9 articles)

Should I armor the post pillars?

When considering the armoring of your vehicle, every aspect matters, including the post pillars. These vertical supports play a significant role in a car's overall .....

Aug 24 2 Min read

Should I Consider a Bomb Proof Blanket?

In an ever-changing world where security concerns are prevalent, it's essential to be well-informed about the available safety measures. Bomb blankets are one such tool .....

Jul 11 2 Min read

How can I protect my fuel tank?

Protecting your fuel tank is crucial as it ensures the safe operation of your vehicle. A compromised fuel tank can lead to leaks, fuel loss, .....

Mar 16 2 Min read

What are the best bomb blankets available?

Bomb blankets are effective against blast and hand grenade fragments, IEDs, most fragmentation caused by pressure or electrical explosions, pipe bombs, and DM-51 grenades. These .....

Mar 16 1 Min read

How do bomb blast suppression blankets work?

In a world where security and safety are paramount, the Bomb Blanket emerges as a beacon of reliability and cost-effective protection. This versatile tool, meticulously .....

Mar 16 2 Min read

Where can I get ARMORMAX® riot shields?

ARMORMAX® is an internationally recognized company providing reliable armoring solutions anywhere in the World. Our best support and services are available all around the World. .....

Mar 16 1 Min read

What is a road tack dispensing system or spikes?

Tack dispensing system is one of the options offered by ARMORMAX® for bulletproof vehicles. We can equip your vehicle with road tack dispensing to increase .....

Mar 02 1 Min read

Does ARMORMAX® install added options on their bulletproof vehicles?

Yes! We install customized added options on bulletproof vehicles. We assure additional protection for armored vehicles by adding customized features on demand of our clients. .....

Mar 02 1 Min read

Is there a car smoke screen system for sale?

Armormax® provides a smokescreen system option on our armored vehicle packages that we build into the vehicle. This effective smoke screen technology efficiently and accurately .....

Mar 02 1 Min read

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