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Should I armor the post pillars?

When considering the armoring of your vehicle, every aspect matters, including the post pillars. These vertical supports play a significant role in a car’s overall integrity and safety. Let’s talk about the considerations that can help you decide whether or not to armor the post pillars in your car.

Understanding the Post Pillars

Post pillars, also known as A-pillars, B-pillars, C-pillars, and D-pillars, provide structural support to the vehicle’s roof and contribute to the overall rigidity of the car. A-pillars are located between the front doors and the windshield. B-pillars are located between the front and rear doors, C-pillars are between the rear door and rear windshield, and D-pillars are at the rear of the vehicle, typically supporting the rear windshield.

The Case for Armoring Post Pillars

  • Enhanced Protection: Armoring the post pillars can provide additional protection against certain types of attacks. Reinforcing these pillars can offer an extra layer of security in critical situations.
  • Comprehensive Defense: In some scenarios, attacks may be aimed at the vehicle’s sides, including the post pillars. Armoring these areas ensures a more comprehensive defense against potential threats.
  • Personalization: Armoring your vehicle’s post pillars allows for a personalized approach to security. You can choose the level of armoring that aligns with your security needs and risk assessment.

Factors to Consider

  • Security Needs: The decision to armor post pillars depends on your specific security needs and the level of potential threats you anticipate. If you often travel through high-risk areas, armoring the post pillars could provide added peace of mind.
  • Overall Weight: Adding armor to post pillars may contribute to the overall weight of the vehicle. It’s important to consider how this might affect the vehicle’s performance, fuel efficiency, and handling.
  • Balanced Protection: While armoring post pillars can enhance protection, it’s crucial to ensure that other critical areas of the vehicle are also properly armored to maintain a balanced level of security.

Consult with Us

Ultimately, the decision to armor post pillars can be discussed with us. We can help assess your security requirements, vehicle specifications, and potential risks to provide tailored recommendations.


Armoring the post pillars in your car is a strategic decision that depends on your security needs, the potential threats you face, and your vehicle’s overall design. These structural elements play a role in the vehicle’s integrity, and armored post pillars can offer enhanced protection. Consulting with armoring professionals will help you make an informed decision and ensure that your vehicle is armored to provide optimal security without compromising its functionality.


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