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How do bomb blast suppression blankets work?

In a world where security and safety are paramount, the Bomb Blanket emerges as a beacon of reliability and cost-effective protection. This versatile tool, meticulously crafted to contain shrapnel and fragments generated by explosive devices, has found its rightful place in the arsenals of police units and armed forces worldwide. Let’s look into the remarkable capabilities and user-friendly design that make the Bomb Blanket an invaluable asset.

Accessible Safety, Unquestionable Security

What truly sets Bomb Blanket apart is its universal appeal. It’s ingeniously engineered to be wielded not only by seasoned Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) operators but also by individuals with minimal training. This accessibility ensures that in high-pressure situations, where every second counts, anyone can deploy this critical safety measure effectively.

The process is as methodical as it is efficient. It commences with the placement of the Safety Circle, a blast containment ring, strategically encircling the suspected explosive device. This vital step is the linchpin of the entire operation, ensuring that the ensuing actions occur within a controlled environment.

Next comes the Bomb Blanket itself, a formidable shield designed to provide unrivaled protection. With care and precision, it’s gently positioned over the Safety Circle, creating a secure cocoon around the potentially dangerous device. This crucial step serves a singular and unequivocal purpose: to eliminate any possibility of direct contact with the explosive.

Bomb Blasts and Spikes

By doing so, the Bomb Blanket doesn’t just contain the imminent threat; it provides an assurance of safety, a buffer against the unforeseen, and a shield against the unpredictable. It creates a controlled space where professionals can conduct thorough examinations and execute the delicate task of explosive disposal with absolute confidence.

At Armormax we use the Bomb Blanket inside of your vehicle to protect you; it’s a testament to innovation in security solutions. It’s a symbol of preparedness, a safeguard in times of uncertainty, and a reminder that, in the face of danger, there exists a cost-effective and reliable ally that stands between individuals and harm’s way. When security is non-negotiable, the Bomb Blanket from ARMORMAX® is the answer.

These products have been trusted and verified by:

  • US Military
  • Security Companies
  • 62 Heads of State Security Detail
  • Cannabis Delivery Services
  • HP White Laboratories
  • DOE US Government Division


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The bomb suppression blanket and safety circle are the best means of suppressing blast and fragmentation cost-effectively. This most versatile and useful piece of ballistic protective equipment that provides Level IIIA protection for personnel and property is available at the most reasonable price at ARMORMAX®.

The pricing for bomb blanket depends on threat levels:

THREAT LEVEL 1: Fragment Velocity 400M/Sec V50standard

THREAT LEVEL 2: Fragment Velocity 500M/Sec V50standard

This highly protective, lightweight equipment is made of a multiple-layer ballistic material (but can be customized to your needs). It folds up into a compact, easily carried bag. To know the exact price of bomb blanket from ARMORMAX®, click  to get an instant quote.

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