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Can I Buy Retired Police Cars?

bulletproof dodge hellcat with police lights by armormax

Yes, you can.

When Police agencies upgrade their fleet of vehicles, they sell the old ones to the places where they have been refurbished and sold. Mostly these cars are sold to the smaller police agencies that cannot afford new police cars. But there are no such restrictions to sell these cars to the general public without lights or decals. There are numbers of reasons for people to buy police cruises:

  • Many of the buyers want to get the car that is built differently. People usually look for their alternate rims, modified suspension, and armor installed in the doors and roof. Maybe even want similar bulletproof glass that can go on the vehicles.
  • The features present in old police cruisers make people feel safer. These police cars are made of built-in steel intrusion plates in seatbacks, and doors are modified to stop armor-piercing bullets.
  • You just want to make sure that you are not impersonating an officer or disobeying any local laws (car signage, sirens, etc.) if you were to own an exisiting retired police vehicle.

Ford police cars can go from zero to 55 miles per hour just over five seconds that is an exciting feature for speed lovers.

bulletproof dodge hellcat with police lights by armormax


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