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Is a Dodge Charger a luxury car?

Dodge Charger car is usually not considered in most luxurious vehicles, but it also offers a long list of standards and optional features. Dodge Charger .....

Apr 20 1 Min read

Can I buy Armormax® ballistic shields for my police department?

Yes, it is the best you can do for the protection of law enforcement or a group with the perceived threat. This ballistic shield by .....

Apr 20 1 Min read

How fast is the Dodge Charger Police car?

The Dodge Charger is exclusively made for law enforcement, and it is one of the fastest American police cars of all time (see also the .....

Apr 20 1 Min read

Can I Buy Retired Police Cars?

Yes, you can. When Police agencies upgrade their fleet of vehicles, they sell the old ones to the places where they have been refurbished and .....

Apr 20 1 Min read

Are police cars bulletproof?

Yes - some police vehicles come equipped with various Armormax packages. We design our armoring technology to fit a variety of vehicles and have specialty .....

Apr 12 1 Min read

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