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How many armored vehicles are around the world?

Understanding the actual amount of armored vehicles worldwide requires looking beyond military arsenals to include personal security vehicles accessible to the public. Let’s take a look at the potential number of armored vehicles in the world today.

What is an armored vehicle?

When discussing armored vehicles, the mind often jumps to the massive tanks and infantry carriers used by militaries. However, there’s a growing market for personal armored vehicles designed for civilian use, catering to individuals and organizations seeking better protection in high-risk environments.

These personal armored vehicles come in various shapes and sizes, offering different levels of protection to suit diverse needs. For instance, luxury car manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi offer armored versions of their vehicles, providing discreet yet effective protection for individuals, corporate executives, and diplomats.

In addition to luxury brands, specialized companies focus exclusively on manufacturing personal armored vehicles. These companies produce everything from armored SUVs and sedans to custom-built vehicles tailored to specific security requirements. These vehicles often feature reinforced chassis, ballistic glass, and advanced security systems to protect against threats ranging from small arms fire to high-powered rifles.

Armored BMW Sedan front view

Numbers on Armored Vehicles

Precise figures on the number of personal armored vehicles in circulation are harder to come by compared to military inventories. But we may be surprised to find out there are more than we think, maybe your next-door neighbor has one. Whether it’s a CEO navigating urban streets or a humanitarian aid worker operating in conflict zones, these vehicles serve as mobile fortresses, providing peace of mind and protection in uncertain times.


In summary, armored vehicles encompass a wide spectrum of applications, from military operations to personal security. As the global security landscape evolves, so too does the demand for armored protection, driving innovation in both military and civilian spheres. Whether on the battlefield or city streets, armored vehicles play a crucial role in safeguarding lives and assets in an unpredictable world.


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