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Can you customize my existing non-armored Ford Transit?

Police Armored CIT Van

Yes, we can customize non-armored Ford Transit with the desired armoring specifications. You can choose the package of your own choice to customize your non-armored Ford Transit that is varied in configuration, power, and size. We can provide you with a customized non-armored Ford Transit that is far refined and sophisticated than the regular one.

In case of desiring to strip out or replace the inside with a miniature living space, we successfully convert it for you. We do the customization according to your particular budget and needs. We can even customize your non-armored Ford Transit into an armored one to fulfill your security and protection needs. Without deviating from the original Ford Transit Cargo style layout we engineer the best low profile cash in transit vehicle.

We provide an integrated access control module, a smart locking system designed for cash in transit usage, and other important structure points to your non-armored Ford Transit. In addition to it reinforced door hinges and other critical structure points we can transform this van into a secure and foolproof choice for transporting cash and other valuables.


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