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The Essential Guide to Safely Transporting Your Armored Vehicle

February 5, 2024 5 Min read

Are you considering moving but wondering how to ensure a secure journey for your prized
armored vehicle?

Armored vehicles are a significant investment, and their unique features require special attention
during transportation. Consequently, opting for some DIY car transporting services or driving the
car to the destination isn’t feasible considering the fuel cost and potential risks involved.
A wise decision is to go for a professional vehicle transport service that relocates your car safely
to your desired location. However, not every transport company can be trusted that easily.

For this reason, we are here with today’s guide to give you a detailed overview of choosing the
best car shipping company for your armored vehicle. From preparing your armored vehicle for
transportation to understanding the cost, we have covered everything for you here!

Special Considerations for Armored Vehicles
When it comes to transporting an armored vehicle cross-country or across state lines, the security
features of these cars introduce a set of challenges. Unlike conventional cars, armored vehicles
are crafted by specialized companies like Armormax to provide passengers with the utmost

If you have an armored vehicle and you are planning its shipping, take into account the below
considerations beforehand.

Acknowledge the Weight and Size of the Vehicle
Bullet-proof vehicles are heavier than regular cars because their armored doors are manufactured
using ballistic materials. Consequently, when shipping a bullet-proof car, provide its exact size
and weight to the transport company.

For instance, if you provide the wrong measurements, your car will have a bumpy journey ahead.
Overall, try to research whether the transport company you choose has appropriate carriers for
the vehicle size you have.

Lookout for Professional Services
The protective features of armored vehicles can alter their handling characteristics significantly.
As a result, transporting these vehicles requires specialized equipment and trained personnel who
understand how to secure them properly to prevent any damage during moving.
Moreover, loading and unloading an armored vehicle is not a standard procedure due to its
weight. So, the transport company you go to should be equipped with the necessary equipment to
safeguard your vehicle throughout the journey.

Armored Defender Armormax Front View

Verify Essential Documents
Shipping an armored vehicle often involves compliance with specific regulations and
documentation requirements. This means you must ensure your vehicle’s legal permits,
certifications, and other documents are all in order. Remember, whether you are selling your
armored vehicle
or relocating it somewhere else, ensure the documentation is well-sought.

Additionally, before initiating the move, communicate with the transport company to understand
what other paperwork might be needed. These companies are experts in handling armored
vehicles and are well-familiar with the specific regulations governing their transportation.

Preparing Your Armored Vehicle for Transportation

To prepare your armored vehicle for transportation, follow the below step-by-step guide:

  1. Thoroughly Check Your Vehicle From the Inside
    Remove all personal items and valuable belongings before you hand your armored vehicle to the
    transport company. This protects your items and ensures that the transport company can focus
    solely on transporting the vehicle without worrying about the contents inside.
  2. Disable Security Systems if Any. Most armored vehicles have added security systems like GPS tracking devices or alarms for enhanced protection. Before handing over your armored vehicle for transportation, it is crucial to disable these security systems. Failure to do so may trigger alarms or cause unnecessary complications during transit.
  3. Check Fuel Level
    It is advised to maintain a low fuel level in your bulletproof vehicle when moving it to a new
    location. A rule of thumb is to aim for a quarter or less tank to reduce weight during
    transportation. Additionally, this will also ensure safety during loading and unloading the
  4. Secure All the Loose Accessories
    If your armored vehicle has loose accessories such as dashboard or other specialized
    compartments, secure them properly. For example, suppose any of these accessories are left
    loose. In that case, they can impact the bulletproof glass of your car, a loss that no one would like
    to experience.
  5. Document Existing Condition of the Vehicle
    Document the current condition of your armored vehicle by taking photographs or writing notes.
    Also, highlight any existing dents, scratches, or other visible damage on the vehicle’s surface.
    This documentation is a valuable reference in case of any disputes regarding the vehicle’s
    condition upon delivery.
  6. Inspect the Battery and Tires
    Check the condition of the battery and tires. If the vehicle will be in transit for an extended
    period, consider disconnecting the battery to prevent draining. Moreover, ensure your armored
    vehicle has run-flat tires so you won’t have to worry about their pressure levels during
Bulletproof 2021 Infinti QX 80 Armormax Level 4 Armoring Side View

Features of a Reliable Armored Vehicle Transport Service
A reliable armored vehicle transport service will have the following aspects:

Compliance With Safety Protocols
A trustworthy armored vehicle transport service ensures strict adherence to industry and
government safety standards. To assess if the company complies with essential safety protocols,
verify if it is licensed and registered with relevant transportation authorities.

Secure Transport Equipment
A trustworthy service will have specialized transport equipment to accommodate armored
vehicles securely. It can include custom fittings and restraints to prevent movement or damage to
the armored car during travel.

Insurance Coverage
Confirm that the armored vehicle transport service provides comprehensive insurance coverage
for the vehicles they are handling. This insurance should cover any potential damage, theft, or
loss during transportation. Moreover, before signing the contract, verify the coverage limits and
terms to ensure they align with your needs.

Straightforward Communication
A reputable transport service will keep you informed about the status of your armored vehicle
throughout the journey. Therefore, ask the company to provide real-time tracking information on
your car’s carrier. As a result, you will have an easier time estimating the arrival of your car and
tracking its live location along the way.

Understanding the Costs of Armored Vehicle Transportation

Now comes the crucial part – comprehending the cost of shipping a car, particularly when it is
armored and necessitates specialized handling. This is especially relevant when you need to ship
a car across the country. The average cost to transport an armored vehicle is around $1.50 a mile.

However, this amount can differ depending on the following factors:

Size and weight of the vehicle: The heavier your armored car is, the more it will cost to
transport. Most usually, carriers may charge based on weight or size, and exceptionally heavy
vehicles might add additional fees due to the need for special equipment.

Location: The distance your armored vehicle needs to travel significantly determines the
shipping cost. Longer distances often result in higher transportation costs due to increased fuel
consumption and labor.

Delivery time: Your armored vehicle’s delivery time is an important factor influencing the
shipping cost. If you have specific time constraints or require instant delivery, it may lead to
higher transportation costs.

Type of vehicle: The cost to ship your armored car can also depend on the model of the vehicle
you own. Now, this is an obvious point because the more expensive a car is, the more tailored
solutions it will require, which will elevate the cost of transportation.

Ghana Armoring Armormax Range Rover

The Role of Insurance in Armored Vehicle Transportation
Armored vehicles are significant investments; any damage or loss during transportation can
result in substantial financial crises. Fortunately, an effective insurance policy will cover your
bullet-proof car for damages like accidents, collisions, or other unforeseen events.

Additionally, armored vehicles are more susceptible to vandalism during transportation due to
their high-profile nature. In the unfortunate event of criminal incidents, an insurance policy will
aid in eliminating the financial impact on you by covering the costs of repairs or replacement.
In short, insurance plays a crucial role in transporting your armored vehicle to its destination.
However, before you finalize an insurance policy, compare its costs and coverage.

Transporting your armored vehicle is a big deal, and it’s crucial to do it right. Make sure you
choose a trustworthy transport service that understands the special needs of your bulletproof car.
Apart from choosing the right services, prepare your car properly for transport. Start with
securing loose items, turning off security systems, and documenting the vehicle’s condition.
Also, don’t forget to get insurance to protect your armored friend in case anything unexpected
happens. With these steps, your armored vehicle is all set for a secure and worry-free adventure
to its new destination.

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