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Are armored doors heavy?

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The concept of armored doors often conjures images of impenetrable fortresses, but it also raises a valuable question: are armored doors heavy? Let’s dive into the world of armored doors, exploring their composition and the factors that influence their weight.

The Anatomy of Armored Doors

Armored doors are designed with one primary objective in mind: to provide enhanced security and protection. To achieve this, they are constructed using a combination of materials carefully selected for their ballistic resistance and durability. These materials often include ballistic steel and advanced composite materials.

While the thickness and composition of armored doors can vary based on the desired level of protection, they are undeniably denser than conventional doors. This increased density is a result of the additional layers of security-enhancing materials integrated into the door’s structure.

Factors Influencing Weight

The weight of armored doors can vary depending on several factors:

  • Protection Level: Doors offering higher levels of ballistic protection tend to be heavier due to the use of thicker and denser materials.
  • Size: Larger doors, such as those designed for armored vehicles or secure facilities, will naturally be heavier than smaller doors.
  • Materials: The choice of materials, especially the type and thickness of ballistic steel and composites, plays a significant role in determining the door’s weight.
  • Additional Features: Some armored doors may include additional security features like reinforced hinges, multiple locking mechanisms, and bulletproof glass inserts, which can contribute to their weight.

Balancing Security and Practicality

While armored doors are undoubtedly heavier than their non-armored counterparts, this added weight is a trade-off for the superior protection they offer.  This is why we recommend talking with one of our specialists, because here at Armormax we strive to make sure we add minimal weight without compromising your protection.


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