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Are armored vehicles in-stock or built to order?

Armormax Armored Truck Denali

While armored vehicles are typically crafted to order, We occasionally will have a collection of armored vehicles for those seeking immediate protection. Discover the world of armored vehicles with us – whether you’re considering pre-owned options or envisioning a custom masterpiece, We have the solutions you seek.

Pre-Owned Armored Vehicles: Your Instant Armor Solution

Depending on the demand in the market we could have an armored vehicle ready to deliver premium security. To explore the current selection of inventory, connect with us. It’s an opportunity to step into a world of safety without delay.

Custom Armoring for Your Dream Vehicle

At Armormax, we specialize in transforming your dream vehicle into an impervious fortress. Our expertise extends to adding high-end custom armored upgrades to vehicles of any make and model. Whether you desire armored protection for your daily ride or require it for a specialized transport vehicle, Armormax stands ready to provide comprehensive solutions.

Crafting Your Customized Vision

Your vision of a perfectly armored vehicle is within reach. With Armormax, you have the power to create a customized masterpiece that aligns with your needs and preferences. Our armoring packages offer a range of solutions to meet various security requirements, ensuring that your dream vehicle is as unique as you are.

Seize Your Security: Start Today

The journey to a safer, more secure ride begins here. Whether you’re considering pre-owned options or customizing your dream vehicle, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Explore our armoring packages, envision your future of unparalleled security, and take the first step toward a safer, more confident journey.


Armormax offers a dual path to security and luxury. Choose from our occasional collection of armored vehicles or embark on the adventure of customizing your dream vehicle. Whatever your choice, Armormax promises uncompromised safety, exquisite craftsmanship, and a ride that matches your vision. Begin your journey toward elevated security today.


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