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Are there immediately available armored cars?

Yes, if you are someone who has a perceived risk or just wants something safe to protect yourself and your family, you can check our readily available inventory and choose as per your needs. Our vehicles have the ability to provide you safety from brutal attacks. ARMORMAX® has served its customer all over the World, which has serious life-threatening security issues that include politicians, doctors, athletes, etc.

ARMORMAX® is a big name and global leader in manufacturing both light armored and fully armored vehicle design and development. As a specialist in bullet-resistant passenger vehicles, manufacture and supply to every continent with high-level armored vehicles and provides a wide range of armoring options to fit every need.

Armored SUV M Benz G Wagon


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Frequently Asked Questions

Most bulletproofing projects take between 30 and 45 days to complete.

World leader in the manufacturing and design of armored passenger vehicles