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8 Car Protection Accessories You Should Definitely Have

June 16, 2020 4 Min read

Car Protection Accessories

Buying car protective accessories can help prevent any minor or major wear and tear that happens over time and eventually leads to a dilapidated car. Such add-ons will surely keep your car looking pristine and provide it greater longevity.

Since driving is not predictable and even if you have car insurance, it’s better to have some car protection accessories to actively protect your car before something happens. With such accessories, you can also save money and time in repairs. As much as possible, you won’t have to call law offices because your car was severely damaged or you need legal assistance to help you deal with someone’s negligence on the road.

So, no matter what type of car you’re driving, whether it’s a sedan or a 4×4, below are some of the car protection accessories you must have:

1.      Car Cover

One of the must-have car protection accessories is a car cover. A good car cover may cost hundreds of dollars, but it’s worth it because you won’t need to worry about the bugs or dirt coming inside your car.

There are different types of car covers you can consider. One is an indoor car cover, which is made for use in enclosed or covered space like a garage. Another type of car cover is an outdoor car cover, which protects your car from any outdoor elements. This cover is also made from durable materials and usually resistant to UV rays.

Armored Toyota Landcruiser

If you’re living in a place with extreme weather conditions, you can opt for all-weather car covers, which comprise different polypropylene film layers that provide protection against wind, dirt, and water. If your car is often exposed to strong winds, hail or heavy rain, consider using an all-weather car cover.

Another form of covering worth noting is a seat cover. Seat covers are also nice protective features to include in any vehicle.

2.      Body Side Molding

It’s a good choice for car owners who want to armor their cars and safeguard them against dings and dents in the parking lot. The resistant materials are flexible enough to absorb the force of car doors slamming into your side. Once you shop around for a body side molding, there are various finish and color options you may choose from to add to your car exterior’s look.

3.      Front-End Car Bra

Another car protection accessory that you should have is a front-end car, which provides protection for your car’s front end. Usually, a car bra is made to fit perfectly and snugly for maximum protection. Its value is in its ability to serve as a guard from road hazards like chemicals and bugs.

Armored Mercedes S 560 Grill

While a car bra is a good protective accessory, it also provides your car a classier and stylish appearance. Typically, constructed of film and heavy vinyl padding underneath, car bras stand the test of time and most of these are easy to install.

4.      Grill Guards

A durable grill guard prevents detailed damage on the front end caused by rocks, high grass, and anything that might be kicked up by some vehicles. It can also prevent damage or injury in a low-speed collision with other vehicles and animals.

5.      Bug Shields

Another valuable car protective accessory is a bug shield. Some modern bug shields are developed aerodynamically not just to complement the front end of your car, but also to maximize your vehicle’s fuel usage.

These protective accessories create ease when it comes to airflow so your car does not need to use extra fuel to compensate for extra work or pressure. A bug shield is also ideal to protect your car from excessive bug collection, road debris, and chipping from some road hazards or stones.

6.      Floor Mats

One of the car accessories that can be helpful to protect your car’s interior from any floor or carpet damage is a floor mat. Available at affordable prices, floor mats are indispensable in the protection they provide on your floor carpet.


Depending on your products needs, you can purchase any floor mat in any style, design, or color. The best thing about floor mats is that they don’t just protect your car’s interior, but they also provide you comfort.

7.      Safety Film

Having safety films on the windows of your vehicles can help minimize injuries to the occupants from some flying shattered glasses in case of a car accident. A safety film can also deter objects from coming directly in your car and hitting the passengers, especially if a big object hits your car’s windshield. If you’re living in a place where earthquakes or tornadoes are frequent, a safety film can prevent injuries and can serve as a buffer between you and shattered glasses.

8.      Car Alarm

If you want to protect your car from the thieves, a must-have car protection accessory is a car alarm. It makes it difficult for thieves to steal your vehicle and alert anyone in the vicinity. With today’s modern technology, having a car alarm is beneficial and most cars often have this feature.

Bottom Line

There are countless accessory packages and available options you can choose from to protect your bulletproof car better. However, see to it that you consider how your car will be used for you to determine the best options when buying car protection accessories. It’s also important to install such accessories properly to protect your car from possible damage and wear while keeping it looking great.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A car cover can keep your vehicle protected from sun, dirt, debris, sap, and other environmental fallout. Vehicle protective covers will keep your paint looking fresh and help it avoid fading over time.

The best self-defense weapons to keep in your car include a tactical pen, a knife, pepper spray, and a personal safety alarm.

Car front bumper protection begins with front bumper guards.

Additional safety features include lane keep assist, airbags, forward collision warning, and an inattentive driving monitor.

For safety's sake, you should keep a flashlight, tire gauge, spare key, and a lug wrench in your vehicle.