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Runflats (8 articles)

What is the difference between runflat bands and runflat rollers?

When it comes to armored vehicles and ensuring their continued mobility during challenging situations, terms like "run-flat bands" and "run-flat rollers" often come into play. .....

Aug 31 2 Min read

Are run-flat tires repairable?

No! Run-flat tires are designed with a double layer side wall inside the tire strong enough to hold the vehicle up for a period of .....

May 27 1 Min read

How do run-flat tires work?

Run-flat inserts from Armormax® are not like conventional tires, which require air to stay hard. The run-flat tires have a reinforced sidewall that allows these .....

May 04 3 Min read

Who are some run-flat tires manufacturers?

If you are looking for the tire and not the runflat insert (see here from Armormax) as they are two different products. All season run-flat-tires .....

Jan 28 1 Min read

Where can I get bulletproof tire inserts?

What are bulletproof tire inserts? Bulletproof tire inserts are specialized protective layers made of advanced materials, designed to enhance the security of your vehicle's tires. .....

Jan 28 2 Min read

How far can you drive on a damaged run-flat tire?

We can put runflats (runflat inserts) on almost any tires as long as we have the rim. We take the original tires and put inside a .....

Apr 15 1 Min read

Can you install run-flat tires?

Yes. Run-flat tires will carry you, safely, for around 40 miles (80 kilometers) at 50 miles per hour (100 kph) – depending on road conditions. .....

Apr 12 1 Min read

Are bullet proof tires real?

The correct terminology is “runflat tires”.  These “runflats” allow a vehicle, generally, to travel up to 60 miles after the tire has been deflated depending .....

Apr 12 1 Min read

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