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Are run-flat tires repairable?

Armored Mercedes S 560 by Armormax Runflats Rim

No! Run-flat tires are designed with a double layer side wall inside the tire strong enough to hold the vehicle up for a period of time after a puncture, or complete tire pressure loss. Run-flat tires are not repairable. After significant tire pressure loss, they are only designed to stabilize the vehicle for 50 miles. No puncture repair of these tires is possible. If they are patched up, more likely they will puncture again due to loss of rigidity and uneven wear.

Although Run-flat tires aren’t repairable, they are the perfect tire for armored vehicles. Run-flats offer special protection while fleeing/escaping a threat and that is what makes them an armored car add-on essential.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A run flat tire can possibly get repaired, but in most cases it would need to be fully replaced after running flat.

Plugging is not effective for a run-flat tire. The proper way to fix a slow leaking run-flat tire is by filling the puncture hole from the inside.

Run flat tires improve your ability to control the vehicle during a complete air loss situation.

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