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How much does bullet resistant glass cost?

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Bulletproof glass, a hallmark of modern security, isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It comes in various rating levels and configurations, each impacting its cost. Understanding these nuances is essential when considering this critical element of security.

Rating Levels and Their Impact

Bulletproof glass is graded based on its ability to withstand ballistic threats, with higher levels signifying greater protection. Unsurprisingly, higher levels generally translate to higher costs. This correlation is due to the advanced materials and manufacturing processes required to meet security standards.

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The Curvature Factor

The shape of the glass also plays a role in its cost. Curved bulletproof glass is something that Armormax offers, and is often used for windshields and other vehicle applications. This tends to be more expensive than flat alternatives. The curvature adds complexity to the manufacturing process, making it a premium choice for those seeking safety and style.

Every Vehicle is Different

Here at Armormax, we work hard to make sure your armored vehicle not only is armored to your specifications but is still the stylish vehicle you fell in love with.  An SUV is going to have very different glass from a sedan or a truck.  Because of that, the type of vehicle you choose is going to play a big effect on the total cost of your glass.  Speak with an armoring expert to find out what vehicle will work best for your needs.

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Putting Costs in Perspective

When investing in bulletproof glass, it’s crucial to consult with experts who can guide you through the selection process. They will help you choose the right rating level and configuration to meet your security needs while aligning with your budget. Ultimately, the cost of bulletproof glass reflects the value it brings to safeguarding what matters most—your peace of mind.


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