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How to Prepare for Civil Unrest?

May 25, 2021 7 Min read

Civil unrest is increasing gradually worldwide over the past decade. General strikes, violent riots, looting, and nonviolent or peaceful demonstrations are common throughout the world. Therefore, civil unrest can erupt without warning due to large volatile groups.

In this situation, random mobs burn police stations, damage properties, loot businesses, and torch people. Staying prepared for civil unrest, natural disasters, and other emergencies is crucial for everyone nowadays. In case of civil unrest, staying inside your home can be the safest option for staying safe.

Depending on the condition, sometimes, staying at home can be riskier. That’s why you need to bug out to the safest location to protect yourself, your family, and valuable items. In this article, we will guide you on how to prepare for civil war.

How to Prepare for Civil Unrest

How to Know When Civil Unrest is approaching?

There are different ways to know the approaching civil disturbance or periods of civil unrest.

Watch the News

You should look for different signs of increasing hostility toward a company, area, or group when watching the news. If news channels start covering one topic more consistently, start preparing for unrest.

Also, if there have been terrorist threat level warnings levied by an administration or public safety officials.

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Social Media

Nowadays, different social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter provide breaking news faster than traditional news channels. However, you must be aware of fake news. To avoid fake news, you should follow official accounts of the local government and emergency services. Get ready if you find any alarming news on social media.

Keep Your Eyes on Surroundings, Legal and Political Activities

Pay attention to increasing hostility around propaganda and hot-button topics in your area. For this purpose, you can read the newspaper and join different groups on instant messaging apps like WhatsApp. These resources will improve your situational awareness.

Two Possible Scenarios for Civil Unrest Preparedness

When civil war starts or unrest does happen, there are two possible scenarios. The first one is to stay in your home and the other one is to move to the safest location. Going with the first option or the second depends on the situation and criticality of the incident.

However, in both cases, you must prepare for civil war. Let’s dive deeper and discuss both scenarios in detail…

1. Shelter in Place

It might not possible for you to leave your home or city due to some critical circumstances. In such situations, staying in your home might be the finest option for you. And, here are a few things to consider when staying at home:

Food and Water Supply

If you stay in, you must have at least a 3-day supply of food and water. However, storing food and water for more days is much better. Because you don’t know how long civil rest will last. Having a good amount of food and water supply give you peace of mind during a season of unrest. Bring a water filter that will keep you supplied for several weeks. Above all, it takes up a bit of space on your shelf.

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Power Sources

An angry mob can damage different power sources in your area. You must arrange some alternate sources of a power supply when preparing for civil war. Don’t forget to keep your cellphone and other devices charged in such disastrous situations. Because these will help you to stay tuned to the outer world.

You will need some sort of light if the power goes out. Managing different types of stationary lighting that you don’t need to hold on to is the best option. However, if you don’t have such an alternative, flashlights, candles, and batteries can be a good option.

Keep Your Vehicle Ready

Keeping your vehicle ready is the most important thing to consider when preparing for civil war. You can instantly move to the safest location using a vehicle if you get a chance. Make sure that the gas tank is full. In any case, if you have to leave, you can gas up at any gas station. So you won’t have to wait for fuel by standing in long lines at the pump.

Further, keep your car kit ready as well. This kit includes all necessary repairing tools, spare tires, and other emergency supplies. You can repair your car yourself if the car breaks down.

Have a Safe Room

Having a safe place will keep you and your loved ones away from a more vulnerable area. Here you can house your home protection equipment or personal emergency kit.

2. Bug Out to the Safest Location

Surviving civil unrest at home is not that difficult because you almost have all the necessary things at home. All you need to manage some foodstuff and some other things as we have discussed in the previous section.

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However, things become a bit trickier when you have to bug out. How to prepare for civil war when bugging out? If you have to leave your home in an emergency, try to take as many necessary supplies as you can. Here are some things to consider when prepping for war:

Bug Out Vehicle

The first and foremost thing is to get a bug-out vehicle. These vehicles are the best means to transport you, your family, and valuable things to the destination safely. BOV vehicles are specially designed for off-road ventures. These are the best choice when prepping for war because you will have to travel off-road most of the time.

Further, BOV gives you enough space to carry almost all the necessary gear. You will be safe and comfortable if you choose the right bug-out vehicle. Therefore, always buy BOV from a trustworthy platform such as Armormax.

Bug Out Bag

Bug out bag is another most important thing to consider for surviving civil unrest. It should have enough  

space to carry things that are sufficient for at most three days. Get home bag and fill it carefully and don’t waste the space.

Water and Food

Water and food have significant importance in this scenario too. Therefore, you must carry bottled drinking water, non-perishable food, a cooking pot and utensils, and an emergency stove.

Vehicle Emergency Kit

Your vehicle is everything for you when bugging out. Because it has everything that helps you surviving civil unrest. Therefore, you should have a vehicle emergency kit with all the necessary repairing tools in case it breaks down. Your car is also among your best local methods of transportation.

Survival Kit

This kit is very important in case of an emergency. It includes a flashlight, binoculars, bolt cutter, knife, and other protective gears.

Warmth and Shelter

If you are traveling with your family in BOV, you might not sleep in your car. Warmth and shelter are essential things for comfortable sleep and peace of mind.

Navigation Kit

Many people are not familiar with most of the small lanes and roads in their area. Knowing these small lanes and routes helps you escape to the safest location. This kit includes a compass, a GPS, and a map to reach your bug-out location.

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Important Documents

Documents like licenses and vehicle manual are very important all the time, especially during civil unrest. You should show these documents to the authorities when asked. Failing to present these documents can lead you to trouble.

Other Important Things to Carry

How to prepare for war as a civilian? First of all, you shouldn’t take anything for granted. Everything has huge importance for civil unrest survival. You should carry wound care or a first aid kit for any emergency. Plus, don’t forget to take toilet paper, insect repellent, soap, sunblock, and vitamins along with you. You can also carry a licensed weapon for self-defense.

How to Survive a Civil War?

If unrest breaks out in your area, stay calm. Have security plans in place, and follow the safety tips below to keep yourself safe:

Stay Home

Staying at home is the safest place for you and your family. Don’t go outside unless it’s needed. Bring all necessary stuff like food, water, etc. as a civil unrest preparedness. It’s better if your home has multiple points of entry and exit.

You should also install some security cameras outside your home to observe outer activities. Remove all projectiles outside your home. Plus, create an effective evacuation plan in case if you need to leave your home.

If you live in a sturdy building, you shouldn’t experience any major disruption during times of civil unrest.

Avoid the Situation

If unrest breaks out and you are away from home, return back immediately. If there is a threat of damage or other unusual activity you should remain away from the scene. If you are planning to attend a protest, at least make sure to go with a buddy and have each other’s contact information in case you get separated. Demonstration areas can get tricky to navigate so try to find your nearest escape route. Don’t pass through from areas demonstrating large protests and even avoid an area with peaceful protest. Plus, avoid shops with large glass windows. If the protest is politically inclined, don’t go to government-owned buildings like the supreme court, and embassies, etc.

And, if you are at home, obey local curfews, ordinances, and regulations. Follow the caution of local law enforcement agencies as well.

Find Smaller Crowds & Avoid Large Gatherings

If you find yourself in the middle of a demonstration, try to get to a place with fewer crowds. Because fewer crowds give you more chances of refuge than larger crowds. Plus, don’t try to get caught against a wall or fence. Otherwise, you will stick there and might be injured and killed even.

Stay in Your Car

Staying in your car offers more protection during the protest. However, you shouldn’t attempt to drive through large crowds. Try to drive away by following a side road as much as possible. Normal cars won’t protect you at all from the mob. Even, you will be at more risk in these cars.

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Armored vehicles are very common nowadays. You should at least get one for the highest security of your loved ones. How to survive a civil war in America? The trend of bulletproof vehicles among Americans is growing dramatically. These vehicles can protect you even if you stick in the middle of an angry mob.

Improve Your Civil Unrest Preparedness Today

How to prepare for the civil unrest? The simplest answer is that staying at home with all necessary things can protect you during civil unrest. Or bug out from the rioted area with all necessary gear. For bugging out, ordinary cars won’t work at all in most cases.

Travel disruptions should be the least of your concerns in a civil unrest situation. Keeping your family alive and healthy should be the top priority and taking the preparatory steps to do so are paramount.

For the highest protection of your family, you should use an armored vehicle. These vehicles not only protect against the angry mob but also from deadly weapons. If you can’t afford the most expensive armored vehicles, you can install armor on your currently-used vehicles. For any information about armor installation, contact Armormax. Our team is readily available to listen to you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can defend yourself from rioters safely and legally. if they pose immediate harm and you are acting in self-defense.

If a person is trespassing on your property and acting in a threatening way, you have the right to use a weapon to quell the threat.

There are several important items that can help you stay safer in the event of civil unrest. This includes a 30-day food and water supply, comfortable/warm clothes and blankets, multiple power sources, and a car of vehicle kit.

Some of the items you may need include water, flashlights, batteries, extra batteries, food, and a whistle to call for help.

This is a period of time where civilians are deeply discontent with the governing body of their nation. These are circumstances that should met with proper preparation in terms of loading up the right gear and having the right people near you to help.