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Failed Cash-In-Transit Heist Inside Armoured Cash In Transit [Videos]

June 11, 2021 4 Min read

See amazing video footage of how an Armormax® armoured vehicle can save lives:

South Africa (and around the world) have seen a surge in cash-in-transit robberies ever since lockdown restrictions have been lifted, according to experts.

Gareth Newham for the Institute of Security Studies told CapeTalk radio station there’d been a 66% increase in the numbers of cash-in-transit heists from October to December in South Africa compared to the same period in the previous year.

What’s even more worrying, according to Newham, is that criminals are becoming better equipped as well.

“Firearms are the most common way, where they [the criminals] sort of ram the vehicle to stop it and use firearms to try to force people out, but we’ve seen an increase in the use of explosives as well, which is a new trend,” Newham added, according to CapeTalk. “These are career criminals … they are not scared of using violence.”

Source: Insider

Insider spoke to Zika Rakita, the Managing Director of Nemesis Protection Global, a security company that provides security, intelligence, and crisis management services, to determine how he thinks the South African team performed.

Rakita praised the security team for managing to escape the attack unscathed and keeping the money safe in the process.


The hero guard who managed to keep his cool, despite his armoured car being attacked in a hail of bullets by two cars of gunmen, has been identified as a former police sniper.

Leo Prinsloo, 48, was caught on the vehicle’s dashcam frantically battling the two groups of robbers as they attacked his cash-in-transit truck in South Africa.

Video of the high-speed chase went viral online, with many praising the heroic actions of Mr Prinsloo and likening him to a real-life Jason Bourne.

The incident highlights the warlike daily conditions faced by security officers in the crime-ridden nation.

The two-and-a-half-minute clip, recorded on April 22 from inside the truck cabin, shows the two men, both of whom are wearing bulletproof vests, coming under attack on a busy Pretoria road.

Mr Prinsloo, who served with the South African Police Services special forces unit for 12 years, now teaches the nation’s military special forces how to shoot.

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At Armormax®, we have set ourselves the goal of ascertaining how security can be most effectively achieved through the use of armoured vehicle technology in order to maximize personal protection. Equipping a vehicle with armor focuses on substantial protection measures to ensure the maximum security of the individuals who require protection. An increase in security requirements has been noted over the last few years, following attacks on individuals involved principally with politics, economics, the
military, and security & relief organizations.

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Nowadays, threats to individuals can develop anywhere if the necessary protection measures are not implemented. There is, therefore, a need to increase and maximize safety by equipping vehicles with suitable protection measures. Any protective measures must be analyzed according to the circumstances concerning the individual and the nature of the threat, as real-life situations generally comprise a range of threats which require different measures of protection.

Seen from this perspective, the armor is a protective coating, which is applied to a vehicle like a second coat (rather like a person wearing a jacket, which provides protection according to the situation regardless of the weather, work situation etc). For this reason, an armoured vehicle needs to meet all the protection criteria for every conceivable situation.

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This leads to a need for ongoing innovation in developing an armouring
system which saves lives and avoids any potential damage. Various different production factors and phases play key roles in creating a secure and reliable armoured vehicle, adapted to the requirements of different situations. This includes undertaking a comprehensive technical analysis for each stage of production. Situations can only be made safe with suitable protection measures.

There is also a security requirement in situations which present a potential risk, as potential risks can quickly become substantial risks in fast-changing situations. In many cases, absolute security cannot be guaranteed. It is therefore the risk probability which counts.

Given that security risks can develop for many different reasons, and that all risk probabilities incorporate the potential for the development of risks, our ballistics experts at Armormax® and International Armoring Corporation® undertake a multi-dimensional risk analysis.

All possible risks and potential hazards which could arise (however small), whether individual, compound or related to overlapping risks, are analyzed, evaluated and incorporated directly into the production process.These include preventative and proactive measures such as the prediction of dangerous situations, the prediction of risks by surveying the environment surrounding the journey route, the use of invisible armouring etc.

Our developers and ballistic experts are highly skilled at developing protection measures, which are adapted to the nature of the danger and the situation in question, and are subjected to strict and comprehensive testing and checking procedures.

These measures are then incorporated into the production process, in accordance with the belief that ‘a chain is only as strong as its weakest link’. This results in genuine customer satisfaction. As a result, highly effective protection measures are implemented in the form of our innovative armoured vehicle technology to minimize the effect of any damage from potential or actual risks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The process involves collecting proper licenses, permits, and passing a firearms training course. Additionally, drivers must get an FBI fingerprint check.