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DEVOLRO – Armored Tundra Options

July 7, 2015 5 Min read

DEVOLRO specializes in the production and selling of luxury off-road trucks and recreational vehicles of all kinds. For over ten years, they have been designing luxurious vehicles and engineering extreme heavy-duty off-road and racing upgrades using the most advanced 3D-modeling equipment.

Today, DEVOLRO is renowned for building the toughest trucks in the world. Working with Armormax, they are committed to providing clients with unparalleled, top-quality products, services, and armoring solutions to meet any type of threat.

Both companies have decided on the Toyota Tundra mainframe as its base to build their custom designs. Why is Toyota Tundra their favorite base truck? The Tundra’s uncompromising size is built to handle extreme off-road scenarios, while still creating the smoothest of rides.

Toyota Tundra is one of the best cars for full-scale tuning, as our VIP consumers are demand a wide array of upgrades. DEVOLRO offers its long-term experience and comprehensive service of tuning and selling the most prestigious off-road trucks in the world.

Are you looking for an innovative armored truck? An attractive vehicle perfectly balanced between the style and functionality? A truck that meets all your custom expectations and provides you with added security?

Armored Tundra

When Security is a Necessity

Sometimes heads of state, diplomats, and celebrities can spend even over a million dollars on high-tech security. DEVOLRO INTERCEPTOR with Armormax’s armoring solution offers a luxury addition to your everyday life and safety, as well as the lives of ones that travel with you in modern hostile environments.

Unrivaled Hunter Truck for a True Hunter

Hunting sometimes is a very expensive hobby. You can easily spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on all the guns, camouflage, and other gear that you’ll need to have to be successful. That is why you’ll want to get a truck that has a good amount of lockable, waterproof storage to accommodate all your cargo demands.

Besides, you never want to leave your guns and barrels just laying in the bed of a truck exposed for any length of time. DEVOLRO is highly concerned about security measures to ensure your rifles and equipment are always secure.

A Full Vehicle Armoring Solution Bulletproof Security

Devolro SWAT concept

DEVOLRO INTERCEPTOR provides our discerning clientele with a full vehicle armoring solution. Taking a futuristic approach in design and engineering and ensuring that all potential weak points are completely eliminated. DEVOLRO does not make false claims of offering “bulletproof trucks”, a common misconception within the industry.

Invulnerable Yet Refined

After your faithful dog and a trusted hunting rifle, the hunting vehicle may be the hunter’s most important accessory. And DEVOLRO has taken notice, developing special features that cater to the needs of true outdoorsmen and hunters.


DEVOLRO INTERCEPTOR is completely suited to leverage our armored technology for discrete purposes. The appearance of DEVOLRO INTERCEPTOR is that of a pedigree truck, but not so much that it cannot evade the threats of most of the world’s handguns, automatic rifles, and grenade

An Art of Style And Privacy

Are you looking to get to an event in style? Or are you looking for that distinctive limo that has all the qualities of being completely secure as well as being stylish? Take up to 8 people in full comfort to your next event, business meeting, or just when you go out.

Best Technologies Only

All of our armor components are fabricated with the preeminent components, utilizing laser and plasma cutting technologies. These qualities guarantee the fastest production times as all of these components are prepared in advance. The opaque armoring was designed (with Armormax, the world leader in armoring technology) to use the minimal number of panels possible.

This system significantly reduces the number of weak points and provides full protective coverage. This also makes the package ultra-rigid and strong. The rear tailgate is protected with a ballistic steel door, a ballistic glass window and is reinforced with steel overlaps.

Devolro Custom Conversions

Our patented hybrid armor (from Armormax) is used exclusively for our vehicles, including the floor area and foot-wells. DEVOLRO armored cars exceed B6 levels of protection (45°) in floor and roof areas by providing 90° angle attack safety. Considerable care in DEVOLRO bulletproof vehicles was made to ensure full ballistic protection for the front bulkhead area.

The bottom of the doors, which are particularly vulnerable areas in most armored cars, are secured with overlaps in armor around all doors and windows. This overlap system will also help to protect the passengers from being harmed from flying, armored glass in case of blast attack. Our armored trucks are welded with overlaps within all welded areas, providing extra safety inside.

The entire system is bonded to the chassis so as to maintain the structure in a fixed position inside the passenger compartment. Surprisingly, the full car armoring weighs less than 800 pounds. As a result, there is no loss in performance or speed. This provides the driver the full experience of being at the helm of a machined beast. B6+ armoring is a must-have component for your personal and corporate security requirements.

Solution For All Terrains

Don’t get stuck while you are hunting!  A full-scale suspension upgrades and specialized hunter’s features make the DEVOLRO HUNTER an uncompromised truck suitable for any challenge

Indispensable For Any Industrial

The armored DEVOLRO CHALLENGER has the horsepower, style and the built-in toughness to be a key vehicle for any project.

An Uncompromised Business Vehicle For A True Entrepreneur

Many industrial companies need to move tools and equipment sometimes, especially in areas that are not normally accessible with ordinary trucks. The armored Tundra puts into the workplace what will end up becoming your most valuable and reliable friend.

ARMORED Level 5 (EN 1063 B6+) High Power Rifle Protection

Protection Levels

.357 Magnum (full metal jacket, coned bullet, or soft core), 10.2 g, 425 ms / 158gr. 1450 fps
9mm Luger (full metal jacket, round nose or soft core), 8 g., 381 ms / 124gr. 1250 fps,
.44 Magnum (Full metal jacket, flat nose, or soft core), 15.6 g, 460 ms / 240gr 1510 fps
7.62 X 39mm, 9.3g, 713ms / 145 gr., 2,430 fps
7.62 X 39mm, 7.9g, 822 ms / 123 gr., 2,697 fps
.223 Caliber, 45 gr., 919 mps / 3,200 fps
.308 7.62 x 51mm (full metal jacket – copper, pointed bullet), 9.8 g, 820 m/s.
.308 7.62 x 51mm M80 (full metal jacket – steel, pointed bullet, or soft core), 9.5 g, 2,700 fps 830 m/s.
SS109 / 5.56 x 45mm (GP21) M855 62gr penetrator FMJBT = 940 mps, 3,100 fps

See chart here:

Base Armoring Specification

Armored Tundra Devolro

1) Transparent Armor (Glass areas): Windshield, rear glass, and side glasses will be removed and replaced with 42mm bullet-resistant transparent armor. Our multi-layer glass design combined with a polycarbonate inner layer will prevent spalling upon ballistic impact. The glass will be curved and contoured to retain the appearance of the original OEM Glass.

2) Body: Doors, pillar posts, side panels, kick-panels, firewall, header areas, rear cargo compartment, rear wheel arches, and rear seating/trunk areas will all be armored with PATENTED ballistic composite material and/or ballistic steel in accordance with Level 5 (Euro EN1063- B6) level of defeat. Additional PATENTED overlap system will be used around each window and throughout the vehicle to ensure complete protection throughout door seams.

3) Roof: Armored with PATENTED ballistic composite material (ARMORMAX) in accordance with NIJ IIIa standards.

4) Floor: Floor areas will be armored with multiply rigid ballistic fragmentation material combined with PATENTED ballistic material, molded to form fit contours of floorboards and panels. Floor protection will be installed to protect against the explosion of grenades (single German DM51 or US M-67).

5) Vehicle Structured Modifications: The pillar posts and hinge mounts will be reinforced.

Additional features/specifications in the standard package:

6) Battery: Battery compartment armored to NIJ III
7) Door Supports
8) Engine: Electronic control Module (ECM) protection armored to NIJ III.
9) Exhaust System: Wire mesh tailpipe protection from the insertion of foreign objects.
10) Fuel tank: Fragmentation protection with composite material to withstand DM51 or M-67 grenade.
11) Operable Windows
12) Bumpers
13) Runflats

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bulletproofing aside, the most expensive regular Toyota Tundra you can buy is the 2021 Toyota Tundra TRD PRO which starts at $55,195.

The Toyota Tundra is favored for its large displacement engine as well as its generous fuel capacity and turning radius. Cabin space is extremely flexible.