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Where can I get a low-profile armored vehicle?

Armored Toyota Landcruiser

Armormax® can provide low-profile armored vehicles for government and residential clients around the World. Low-profile armored vehicles are mainly designed to use for VIP/personal transportation in hostile areas, but with the increase in violent events worldwide, many people are driving armored vehicles even in areas not generally seen as violent. These low-profile armored vehicles do not stand out from ordinary vehicles, but provide the highest protection and security levels.

Low-profile vehicles still have the highest quality and performance. Armormax® provides these vehicles
presidential-level upgrades throughout the interior and assures world-class armoring protection. The
interior and exterior of these vehicles are virtually indistinguishable from that of an unarmored vehicle.
Armormax® can fulfill your armored vehicle needs and give you peace of mind to safely and securely
reach your destinations.


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