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What part upgrades are required on armored vehicles?

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If you’re considering armoring your car for enhanced protection, it’s essential to understand the upgrades your vehicle will need to ensure top-notch security. Armoring involves reinforcing your car with specialized materials to guard against potential threats. In this blog, we’ll explore the crucial upgrades your car will require to maintain its performance and safety while providing you with added peace of mind.

Strengthening the Body Structure:

When armoring your car, the first important upgrade involves reinforcing its body structure. Because of the increased weight from the ballistic material and glass could add strain to parts of your vehicle that will need upgrades.  The doors are one place that will receive much added weight.  Because of that they may need to be outfitted with extra hinges or some sort of support, that way it maintains its functionality.

Upgrading Brakes and Suspension:

Armored vehicles are heavier than regular cars, and the added weight affects the braking and suspension systems. Upgrading these components ensures your car can stop safely and maintain excellent control, even in emergency situations or challenging road conditions. The improved suspension helps absorb impacts and keeps your car stable and smooth, ensuring a safer driving experience.

Installing Strong Wheels and Run-Flat Tires:

The wheels and tires of your armored car could require special attention due to the increased weight. Upgrading to heavy-duty wheels and fitting run-flat tires may be beneficial. Run-flat tires allow your car to continue moving even if you experience a tire puncture, providing an added layer of security in critical situations.

Enhancing the Electrical System:


With the addition of armored features, your car’s electrical system may need an upgrade to handle the increased power demand. This ensures all security features, communication systems, and auxiliary equipment function optimally, maintaining your vehicle’s functionality and safety.


Armoring your car is a significant step towards enhancing your safety and security. Upgrading the body structure, brakes, suspension, wheels, tires, and electrical system ensures your vehicle can handle the added weight and function optimally in any situation. At Armormax our light weight materials help to decrease the amount of strain added to your vehicle while also providing you with better protection. Reach out to us if you have any questions so you can be rest assured that your car will receive the necessary upgrades to provide you with a reliable and secure armored vehicle.


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