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Do you offer financing at Armormax®?

Yes, for those who wish to have their own armored vehicle, Amormax® can arrange a financing facility for them to buy and insure the armored car. We are not directly providing financing facilities but collaborating with reputed financing companies.

Our financing company’s mission “is to bring advantageous equipment finance solutions to our clients with integrity, depth of knowledge, and speed. This is achieved through our ongoing vision to bring expertly constructed flexible financing solutions that accurately meet the needs of business owners. We believe this is accomplished through valuable advice, creativity, enhanced profitability and the tenacity to get to “yes’’.


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We love answering your questions and helping you get the best protection possible. For immediate questions and if you want to speak with an expert, please call 1-801-393-1075.

ARMORMAX® is the leading armored vehicle specialist not only in the USA but around the World. We bring you the finest armored vehicles on the market today. Depending on your needs and threat assessments, ARMORMAX® provides a vehicle perfectly outfitted to stop a wide range of ballistic attacks, including armor-piercing rifle ammunition.

We also deliver the vehicle with run-flat tires, bomb blankets, and other essential armoring items. Using ARMORMAX® to buy your armored vehicle gives you the flexibility to design the vehicle according to your needs and address all your security challenges. ARMORMAX® makes the most sense so you can ensure overlapping layers of defense for yourself and those you hope to protect. 

World leader in the manufacturing and design of armored passenger vehicles