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How much does Armormax cost?

Armored Genesis G90 Armormax

Armormax has broken down the numerous US and European standards for ballistic levels and settled on Level B4 (protection against high powered handgun rounds) and Level B6 ( Protection against the most common assault rifles found around the world. In terms of cost, we have four common packages from handgun to high-powered rifle.
Most clients spend around $40,000 USD to $90,000 USD on the armoring package. Others spend more on luxury or presidential builds on vehicles such as Range Rover, Maybach, etc.

Due to the customization process that Armormax offers, the cost of each car is different. The average package will be around $60,000 USD plus the cost of the vehicle. When you reach out to Armormax they will provide you with a custom quote depending on your armoring needs.

Our vehicles are among the lightest armored vehicles found globally. They have an average added weight of 180 kg on a B4, and 500 kg for a B6 (compared to 1800 kg on some of the OEM builds).

We replace all the glass with ballistic glass, integrate amour into the four doors, A B and C pillars as well as the rear seats or boot divider. Thus providing around 90% of the protection for a lot less than the cost of a manufacturer B4 level armored vehicle.

As a client you can choose to armor any additional areas you feel are necessary on your vehicle.

When we armor a vehicle to a level B6, we create a complete cocoon, including floor, roof, firewalls, engine bay protection. We offer complete protection like no other manufacturer on the planet.

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