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What’s Inside a Bulletproof Runflat Tire?

June 17, 2019 2 Min read

You may find yourself under attack and your tires have been blown out, or you have simply ran over a nail that has punctured your tire, forcing you to be stuck on the side of the road. Run-flat tire inserts from Armormax can safely carry you for 50+ miles (80+ kilometers) at approximately 70 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) – depending on road conditions.

This is generally far more than adequate to escape a dangerous situation and flee to a “safe zone”. We highly recommend any individual who faces a threat to be properly equipped with armoring and run-flat tire inserts, in order to escape threatening situations, and return safely back to work or to their families.

In the event of a blowout or puncture, run-flat inserts on your tires can help you:

  1. Continue to operate the vehicle
  2. Minimize the damage to the vehicle
  3. Reduce the risk of injury to yourself and others

What’s Inside video on Run-flats:

Helping you manage your road risk is at the very heart of the peace of mind we offer. Along with our armored cars, the run-flat inserts and bands ensure that you won’t suffer potential consequences that could happen without them. Enjoy our solution of having complete control and mobility should your tire burst or puncture unexpectedly.

Armormax® inserts are lightweight metal and plastic bands that fit inside your wheel’s rim and locks the tire in place – converting your wheel into a safety wheel. We usually fit these inserts on 16-22” rims and balance them. Once installation is complete, the original OEM tires can be replaced and still have the insert kept comfortably inside. These can be fitted and changed out through any certified dealership and are guaranteed to last the lifetime of your vehicle.

Armormax® offers a variety of run-flat and bulletproof tire solutions that can be installed at any of our facilities around the world. We can literally take any tire and put run-flats on it.

Benefits for drivers and vehicle owners:

Being fitted now by police, armored vehicles, bulletproof cars, ambulance, military, truck fleets, caravan, and international vehicle manufacturers. Some insurance companies discount for having run-flats equipped on the vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kevlar tires are not bulletproof by default.

Run flat tires are highly resistant to the impact from bullets.

It is highly recommended that all 4 tires are run flats. Mixing run-flat and conventional tires may decrease stability.