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How to Shatter Proof Your Car Windows

August 9, 2022 4 Min read

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported 6.47 million in 2019. While many of these incidents weren’t severe, shattered glass was responsible for quite a lot of the damage caused.  

Shatterproof glass is commonly known for its safety and security features. However, people often mistakenly believe that it is unbreakable, but that’s not the case. It only breaks in the safest possible way. That’s why it’s best to invest in shatterproof glass that doesn’t break into sharp shards or spread out dangerously. 

Usually, when a car gets into an accident, the windows, rear, and front windshield glass gets shattered, resulting in severe injuries.

Shatterproof glass for car windows offers many benefits. It can protect from specific shocks because of its shatter-resistant design. If the laminated glass breaks, the shatterproof window tint holds the glass in its place. 

The Benefits Of Shatter Proof Windows

Automobiles and many other industries are widely using shatterproof glass. Car owners can increase their safety by using shatterproof glass and get the following benefits.

Keeps Your Vehicle Safe 

Theft can always be a common issue anywhere in the world. In 2020 the number of stolen vehicles amounted to 724,872. In any case, you have to ensure your safety and one effective method is to use shatterproof glass for your car windows.

Thieves break car windows to enter the car and steal valuable accessories or the vehicle itself. Shatterproof windows hold the glass pieces together; even if they break, it will be difficult for anyone to break them entirely and enter through the window. 

Even if the thieves use any object to hit the glass, it will not break that easily and buy you enough time to stop the thieves before they can take anything. 

Protects Against UV Rays

If you leave your car under sunlight for a long time, the UV rays can damage its interior in many ways; many people only notice this when the damage is done. The combination of UV rays and heat from the sun can fade the color of your car dashboard.

Moreover, continued UV exposure can cause upholstery issues and damage. If you have leather car interior upholstery, the heat and UV rays can dry the natural oils. Even if you use any other material for your car interior, the UV radiation will damage them with time.

A shatterproof glass tint is a reliable option for protecting your car’s interior. Interior car parts are expensive and sometimes costly to repair, so why not protect them in the first place before getting damaged.

Your car is not the only thing that is at risk of damaging human skin is also at risk of UV exposure. This multi-function glass uses shatterproof window tint; you are protecting yourself and your car’s interior without compromising the security of your car. 

Better Protection From Glass Windows

We all want our cars to be scratchless, don’t we? Scratches can happen anywhere on your vehicle, so you use different protection layers and materials for your car paint. But your car window glass is at equal risk of getting scratches. Car windows are more sensitive than other car body parts. 

On top of that, if your car window gets more and more scratches, it will become difficult to see clearly outside of it and causes difficulty in driving. A shatterproof glass window is one great solution to protect your windows from scratches.

Shatterproof glass is highly resistant and durable; while you are driving and any object hits the windows, instead of breaking and falling inwards, the shatterproof glass will prevent shattered glass pieces from falling apart. 

Safer Driving

It would be much better if people drive their cars without worrying about getting hurt in accidents. Usually, during driving, many objects of every type can hit your car windows and windshield. 

A slightly bigger and heavier object can break through your window glass, damage your car, and put your life in grave danger. Moreover, broken glass pieces also threaten other drivers and vehicles.

With shatterproof, you don’t have to worry about this issue; no matter where you are, you can have complete confidence in shatterproof glass to protect you. The durable thermoplastic inner layer and different elements resist shocks from unexpected objects. 

However, it doesn’t mean that the shatterproof glass is unbreakable; if your car window gets broken and breaks into many pieces, it will stay as it was, and you will be completely safe and unharmed. 

Installing Window Tints

Installing window tints is best left to experts. But if you are trying to put window tints all by yourself, you have to be careful and precise. For installing window films, you should have the following equipment with you. 

  • A razor blade to remove debris
  • A sharp utility knife to cut the extra tint 
  • A hard card to apply the tint smoothly 
  • A spray bottle so that you can equally apply the liquid to every part of the tint
  • A heat gun if you want to fit curves

The first step is to clean the surface of all dirt and impurities. Use soapy water to remove remaining debris and dirt; use a microfiber towel to dry the surface or a squeegee for wet services. 

Next, cut the window tint films to your car’s windows. If you do not have any experience doing this, use a cardboard template to get accurate measures and use a utility knife to cut the edges for the perfect shape.

Once you get the right size, use a spray or squeegee bottle to apply application fluid on the sticky end after removing the outer layer of the tint. Use less pressure on the window tint; if you do, it will cling to the glass and can cause bubbles and creases; you’ll have to start over again.

Before applying the film, use a soap solution to lubricate, then push the window tint from middle to outward or from one corner to another. Use minimum pressure and move in one direction during the process.

Use a hard card to apply the pressure, gradually increase it equally, and carefully cover all the curves and edges. The tint will be installed entirely when the bubbles and liquid leave the film.

How to Shatter Proof Your Windows?

Many people are unaware of how to shatterproof their car windows, but installing them these days has become essential because of the safety and security they offer. 

As a beginner, there is so much that you can do wrong. 

It is better to get services from an armoring company that efficiently installs shatterproof glass. Armoring companies like Armormax have years of experience installing shatterproof glass windows in cars and giving you the best possible solution for every type of vehicle.

Bulletproof Car Company

Frequently Asked Questions

It is required for cars to have laminated glass, at minimum for the windshield but preferably the side windows too. This prevents dangerous shards from being dispelled should there be a serious breakage.

Many patrol cars utilize bulletproof glass to keep officers protected.

Technically there is no such thing as bulletproof window film or car window tint product. However, it can increase the amount of time people need to flee the area.

Acrylic is characterized as being a thick yet clear plastic that looks strikingly similar to glass. When acrylic has thickness over 1 inch it's considered bullet resistant.

Although not literally unbreakable, shatterproof glass collapses rather than exploding into large pieces. This helps prevent serious injury,