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Where can I get a low-profile armored vehicle?

Armored Genesis G90 Armormax

In the realm of armored vehicles, a fascinating category exists, known as low-profile armored vehicles. These remarkable machines are purpose-built to excel in VIP and personal transportation, particularly in regions where security concerns loom large. What sets them apart is their unique ability to blend seamlessly into the tapestry of ordinary vehicles while delivering exceptional protection and security.

Silent Guardians, Unseen Saviors

Low-profile armored vehicles are the epitome of discretion. They shun the spotlight, choosing instead to operate inconspicuously in high-risk zones. Their unassuming exterior hides a remarkable secret—a level of protection that’s second to none. ARMORMAX® specializes in crafting these discreet yet formidable vehicles, catering to both government and residential clients across the globe.

Presidential-Level Upgrades, Inside and Out

Step inside one of these low-profile armored vehicles, and you’ll be greeted with an interior that exudes opulence and sophistication. ARMORMAX® leaves no stone unturned when it comes to presidential-level upgrades, ensuring that the interior is a sanctuary of luxury and security. Yet, it’s not just the inside that shines; the exterior remains virtually indistinguishable from an unarmored counterpart.

When you choose ARMORMAX®, you’re making a choice for world-class armoring protection without compromising on style. These vehicles are your ticket to safe and secure journeys, where reaching your destination is more than a goal; it’s an assurance. For those who value discretion, security, and elegance in equal measure, low-profile armored vehicles from ARMORMAX® stand as the pinnacle of automotive excellence.


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ARMORMAX is one of the worldwide producers of top-of-the-line VIP customized cars. We provide VIP transport protection for government and private security firms, high-profile VIP celebrities and government officials, and federal politicians.

ARMORMAX provides a complete range of VIP transport, from light to heavy armored luxurious cars. These cars are available with extra features to protect from explosives, projectile weapons, and even gas attacks. We assist with armored car VIP transport that includes VIP cars such as Mercedes S-Class, Range Rover, Sedan, SUV, Land Cruiser, etc. We have a long list of available features on top of varying levels of certified-level armoring.

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