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How to Take Care of My Bulletproof Windshield

Caring for your bulletproof windshield is crucial to ensure its long-lasting performance and optimal protection. Regular maintenance helps preserve the clarity and functionality of this specialized glass. In this blog post, we will provide you with practical tips on how to take care of your bulletproof windshield, safeguarding its durability and effectiveness.

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Cleaning Your Bulletproof Windshield:

Proper cleaning is essential for maintaining a clear and flawless bulletproof windshield. Follow these guidelines:

  • Gentle cleaners: Use mild, non-ammonia based glass cleaners or manufacturer-recommended cleaners to avoid damaging the surface.
  • Soft materials: Opt for a soft, lint-free cloth or microfiber towel to prevent scratches or streaks while cleaning.
  • Gentle motions: Employ gentle, side to side motions when wiping the windshield to remove dirt and debris without applying excessive pressure.
  • Thorough rinsing: After cleaning, rinse the windshield with clean water to eliminate any residue, ensuring a spotless finish before hitting the road.

Preventing Impact and Scratches:

While bulletproof windshields offer fantastic protection, they can still be subject to impact damage and scratches. Follow these preventive measures:

  • Avoid direct impacts: Refrain from striking or hitting the windshield with objects that could compromise its integrity.
  • Gentle cleaning tools: When using ice scrapers or other cleaning tools, exert gentle pressure to avoid scratching the glass.
  • Mindful parking: Choose safe parking spaces to minimize the drastic rises in temperature

Regular Windshield Inspections:

Regular inspections are crucial to identify potential issues and address them promptly. Follow these steps:

  • Check for cracks and chips: Inspect the windshield regularly for any signs of cracks, chips, or damage that could hurt its protective capabilities. Seek professional repair or replacement if any damage is detected.
  • Assess seal integrity: Examine the seal surrounding the windshield for wear. A damaged seal can allow moisture or debris to penetrate the glass, affecting its performance. Have the seal repaired or replaced as necessary.
  • Functional components: Ensure wipers, sensors, and other components are in proper working order. Replace any worn-out or malfunctioning parts to maintain optimal functionality.


By following these maintenance tips, you can ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your bulletproof windshield. Regular cleaning, preventive measures against impact and scratches, and regular inspections are vital for preserving its performance. If you encounter any damage or issues, feel free to give us a call or a windshield specialist for appropriate repair or replacement. Maintain your bulletproof windshield with care, and it will continue to provide exceptional protection for years to come.


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